2023 The IBJJF Crown Presented by FloGrappling

2023 The IBJJF Crown Presented by FloGrappling

Nov 19

Men's Featherweight (70kg/154.3lbs)

  • Fabricio Andrey, IBJJF World Champion
  • Isaac Doederlein, IBJJF World Champion
  • Sam Nagai, IBJJF World Champion
  • Diego Pato Oliviera, 2-time IBJJF World Champion

Men's Middleweight (82.4kg/181.4lbs)

  • Andy Murasaki, 2-time IBJJF Worlds Finalist & Pans Finalist
  • Tainan Dalpra, 2-time IBJJF World Champion & 3-time Pans Champion
  • Pedro Maia, IBJJF Worlds & Pans Finalist
  • Mauricio Oliveira, 2021 Brazilian National Champion

Men's Heavyweight (94.3kg/207.9lbs)

  • Fellipe Andrew, 2023 IBJJF World Champion, 4-time Pans Champion
  • Gustavo Batista, 3-Time IBJJF World Champion, 4-time Pan Champion
  • Francisco Lo, 2023 No-Gi Pan Champion
  • Uanderson Ferreira, 2023 IBJJF Sul Americano Champion

Men's Ultra-Heavyweight (Unlimited)

  • Erich Munis, 3-time World Champion, 2023 World Absolute Runner-Up
  • Joao Gabriel Rocha, 2-time Pan Champion, 3-time World Medalist
  • Roosevelt Souza, 2023 Pans Medalist
  • Victor Honorio, 2023 Brazilian Nationals double medalist

Women's Lightweight (64kg/141.1lbs)

  • Janaina Lebre, 2022 IBJJF Grand Prix champion & 2-time IBJJF World Finalist
  • Nathalie Ribeiro, 2-time IBJJF Worlds Medalist & 2-time IBJJF Pans Champion
  • Brianna Ste-Marie, IBJJF Worlds Medalist
  • Luiza Monteiro, 2-time IBJJF World Champion & 9-time Pans Champion

Women's Super-Heavyweight (Unlimited)

  • Gabi Pessanha, 6-time IBJJF World Champion
  • Amy Campo, IBJJF World Champion
  • Melissa Cueto, 2-time IBJJF World Champion
  • Tayane Porfirio, 4-time IBJJF World Champion
Event Info
IBJJF's The Crown, presented by FloGrappling, is a premier invitational gi competition, featuring only the best and most exciting athletes across six weight classes.
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