Tezos WNO 20: Night of Champions

Tezos WNO 20: Night of Champions

Oct 1, 2023

WNO Results 

Main Card

Gordon Ryan vs Patrick Gaudio - Heavyweight Championship

Almost as if a game of catch and release, Ryan systematically broke Gaudio down with pressure while passing his guard. Repeatedly resecuring mount whenever Gaudio recovered, Ryan finally found the transition to the back he seemed to have been searching for where he locked up the armbar finish to defend and retain the WNO Men's Heavyweight Championship belt!

Gordon Ryan def Patrick Gaudio via Armbar (14:42)

Mica Galvao vs PJ Barch - Men's Welterweight Championship*

After a brief clash of heads in a scramble headed out of bounds, Mica threw up a flying armbar for the finish! Mica Galvao wins the WNO Men's Welterweight belt in spectacular fashion!

Mica Galvao def PJ Barch via flying armbar (0:47)

*Andrew Tackett withdrew due to injury and was replaced by PJ Barch

Rafaela Guedes (C) vs Nathiely de Jesus - Women's Heavyweight Championship

Controlling the match from start to finish, Nathiely de Jesus played a strategic game, pulling guard early and using a knee shield to land several off-balance sweeps and force Guedes to turtle on several occasions, but could not secure Guedes' back. With time waning, Guedes nearly found an entry to Nathiely's back but was unable to secure the position before Nathiely recovered. Nathiely de Jesus is your new WNO Women's Heavyweight Champion!

Nathiely de Jesus def Rafaela Guedes via referee's decision

Diogo Reis vs Gabriel Sousa - Featherweight Championship

In a phenomenal showing from both fighters, Reis controlled the standing battle and maintained top position on the ground, passing to side control several times, and nearly taking Sousa's back on numerous occasions. Defending valiantly, Sousa managed his way to several kneebar attempts and locked a deep armbar during a scramble late in the bout. Ultimately, the Baby Shark's aggression and positional dominance were enough to get the nod from the judges and win the WNO Men's Featherweight Championship belt!

Diogo Reis def Gabriel Sousa via referee's decision

Brianna Ste-Marie vs Elisabeth Clay - Women's Featherweight Championship

Clay pulled guard and immediately attacked the legs of Ste-Marie at the match's start. Defeating Clay's attack, Ste-Marie attempted to pass Clay's guard and nearly took Clay's back but was swept on a counter attempt. Clay worked to half guard where she held positional control while attempting to pass through Ste-Marie's half guard for the remainder of the fight. Elisabeth Clay wins by decision and takes home the WNO Women's Featherweight Championship belt!

Elisabeth Clay def Brianna Ste-Marie via referee's decision

PJ Barch vs Andrew Tackett - Welterweight Championship semi-final

After an early takedown and back take from Tackett, a standing battle ensued, Tackett and Barch furiously scrambled through shot attempts and counterattacks nearly flying into the commentary table. Exchanging takedowns in the final minutes, Tackett found the final takedown to ice the match as Barch fought to find a finish in the dying seconds to no avail.

Andrew Tackett def PJ Barch via referee's decision

Mica Galvao vs Jay Rodriguez - Welterweight Championship semi-final

Pushing the action early, Mica demonstrated the variety of his technical prowess by utilizing flying attacks, immense pressure, and precision timing en route to a decision victory over Jay Rod. Despite the loss, Rodriguez showed extreme resilience fighting out of multiple armbars and a head and arm choke.

Mica Galvao def Jay Rodriguez via referee's decision

Ash Williams vs Gabriel Sousa - Featherweight Championship semi-final

Gabriel Sousa showcased his grappling prowess against Ash Williams in an intense showdown. Both fighters rattled off several submission attempts throughout the bout, including a flying omoplata attempt from Williams. Despite Williams' commendable efforts, it was Sousa who clinched the victory with a decisive kneebar submission.  Sousa will advance to the Featherweight Championship finals.

Gabriel Sousa def Ash Williams via kneebar (11:07)

Diogo Reis vs Keith Krikorian - Featherweight Championship semi-final

Firing on all cylinders for fifteen minutes straight, the Baby Shark Diogo Reis came out on top in a thrilling back-and-forth. The first fight of the night to end in a decision, both fighters let it fly, putting on a show with constant submission attempts in a fast-paced bout. Reis will advance to the Featherweight Championship finals.

Diogo Reis def Keith Krikorian via referee's decision

Rafael Lovato Jr. vs Riccardo Evangelista - Heavyweight bout

After several minutes of aggressive hand-fighting from collar ties, Lovato landed the opening takedown with a beautiful arm drag and double-leg finish. Once on top, Lovato worked his way to technical mount while passing and attempted to take Evangelista's back. As Evangelista attempted to counter, Lovato found a quick triangle choke and secured the submission finish. 

Rafael Lovato Jr. def Riccardo Evangelista via triangle choke (6:27)


Tiffany Butler vs Thaynara Victoria - Women's Flyweight

From start to finish, this fight was a battle of leg attacks, with Tiffany and Thaynara both relentlessly searching for the finish. After several minutes of back-and-forth leg attacks, Thaynara found her way through Butler's defense finishing the fight with a belly-down straight ankle lock!

Thaynara Victoria def Tiffany Butler via straight ankle lock (8:40)

Steffan Banta vs Thomas Bracher - Heavyweight

Opening up the night with a bang, Banta landed a quick outside trip to begin the match. After exchanging sweeps and leg attack attempts, Banta used a leg attack to sweep to the top position. Patiently pouring on the pressure while attempting to pass, Banta found his way to Bracher's back and locked in a reverse triangle choke for the finish!

Steffan Banta def Thomas Bracher via reverse triangle choke (13:44)

Event Info
It's a night of champions at Tezos WNO, when the grappling action brings a card completely full of title bouts!
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