2023 Fight to Win 237

2023 Fight to Win 237

Oct 7, 2023

F2W 237 Saturday October 7th 

2300 Arena 2300 S Swanson St, Philadelphia, PA 19148

Get tickets www.f2wtix.com or watch live on Flograppling

Match Times are EST

500pm Fighters Start Checking in

530pm Doors Open for Ticket buyers

530pm Blaise Arnold vs Thomas Atkinson 

538pm Brandon Taylor vs Anderson Nguyen

546pm Kevin Matyas vs Brendan Biggs

554pm Kayana La Torre vs Mad Avila

602pm Matthew Stasio vs Matt Coston

610pm Javez Baker-Hall vs Ben Ashauer

618pm Matthew Negron vs Jin Shin

626pm Dante Jacquet vs John Charles Filoon

634pm Derin Yusufi vs Ethan Burright

642pm Ben Lakatos vs Nathaniel Chappell

650pm Aldo Beqiraj vs Maddox Baruti

658pm Jonathan Lopez vs Daniel santohir 

706pm Nick Dingler vs Brandon Bohannan

714pm Exodus Hollander vs Giovanna Clemente 

721pm JT Taylor vs Paul Hafycz

729pm Brett Moyer vs Anthony Williamson

737pm Andrew Ryan vs Dean Smolokoff

745pm Stephen Eisner Jr vs Aiden Chen

752pm Gabriel Bravo vs Bobby Hoss

800pm Markee McCrimmon vs Nick Mancini

808pm Austin Bentley vs Jonathan Pinghera

816pm Lexi Arnold vs Tali Isaacs

824pm Denis Gunic vs Andrew jones

832pm Molli Zborowski vs Ansley Cox

840pm Joseph Levy vs Russell Pocaro

848pm Alexander Maki vs Kyle Jahn

856pm Jacob Lehman vs George Mitoulis

904pm Pisey Tan vs Fredo Pimentel 

912pm Patrick Simpson vs Melvin Jumper

920pm Craig Mcdonald vs Mike Wescott

928pm Eric Naples vs Joey Aumann

936pm Nick Mimoso vs Tim Berry

944pm Lance Thompson vs Kyle Myers

952pm Kyle Hughes vs Donnie Ortega 

1000pm Matheus Pelezinho vs Christopher Emery

1008pm Andrew Kochel vs Aden Twer

1016pm David Porter vs Nicholas Willey

1024pm Dez Mcdonald vs Dylan Royce

1032pm Dan Dykeman vs William Wolk

Event Info
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