WNO 23: Meregali vs Rocha

WNO 23: Meregali vs Rocha

May 10

Nicholas Meregali Talks About His Dominant Win At WNO 23, ADCC, The Press Conference With Vagner, and More

May 12, 2024

Nicholas Meregali sits down with us to talk about his WNO 23 main event match with Vagner Rocha, how the press conference affected the match, what he said during and after the match to Vagner, and more

Event Info
Two of grappling's most controversial stars will face off in the main event of WNO 23 when Nicholas Meregali takes on Vagner Rocha in a heavyweight bout. The two WNO veterans and ADCC medalists have never faced off before, though Rocha has taken on several of Meregali's New Wave teammates. In the feature bout of the evening, grappling legends Felipe Pena and Rafael Lovato Jr square off in a heavyweight bout.
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