picture of Gracie Pro Jiu-Jitsu Marcus Buchecha Almeida vs Roger Gracie

Completed, Jul 23, 2017

The most anticipated rematch of all time is finally about to happen! Marcus 'Buchecha' Almeida and Roger Gracie will take to the mat to settle the score in a titanic heavyweight clash.

The following matches will be featured on the live stream of Gracie Pro. 

Male adult black belt featherweight final
Luciano Queiroz vs Isaque Paiva 

Male adult black belt super heavyweight final
Irailson Gama Costa vs Rafael Braganca Ferreira 

Male adult black belt medium heavyweight final
Jeancemy Silva dos Santos vs Luis Felipe Teixeira Quinteiro 

Male adult black belt light featherweight final
Luiz Eduardo Cabral vs Wallace Henrique Nunes Ourique 

Male adult black belt heavyweight final
Marcos Junior vs Gildasio Santana 

Male adult black belt middleweight final
Alexandre Cavalieri vs Japan Catro de Oliveira 

Male adult black belt ultra heavyweight final
Antonio Assef vs Antonio Braga Neto 

Womens adult brown-black belt medium heavyweight final
Glaucia Braga vs Jessica Swanson 

Male adult black belt absolute final
Isaque Paiva vs Gustavo Saraiva 

Womens adult brown-black belt middleweight final
Jessica Andrade vs Maiara Angelica de Oliveira 

Male adult black belt lightweight final
Celso Vinicius vs Lucas de Araujo Gomes 

Womens adult brown-black belt absolute final
Jessica Constance vs Tayane Porfirio 

Roger Gracie vs Marcus ‘Buchecha’ Almeida