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Completed · Jun 22, 2019

Catch u on the action from Third Coast Grappling, featuring Nicholas Meregali vs Roberto Cyborg in the main event!


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An Explanation Of The Unique Overtime Rules At Third Coast Grappling

Jun 28, 2019

There was a lot of confusion surrounding the rules at Third Coast Grappling, with both fans and competitors a little unclear on exactly how the rules worked. 

Matches begun with a 7-minute regulation period. Victory could be obtained via either a submission or a score of 11-points– a tech fall. 

If there was no submission at the end of the seven minutes (even if a competitor was ahead on points) then they moved to a sudden death overtime period of five minutes– the first to score or submit would win. 

The winner of the coin toss could choose either the start position, or top or bottom. 

There was no limit to the position they could start in, so they could start in mount or side control or guard if they wanted. But whichever position they chose, the other competitor got to choose top or bottom. 

That led to some competitors excitedly choosing strong control positions, only for their opponent to choose the dominant position, such as when Roberto Jimenez chose back control only for Pedro Marinho to work straight for the choke. 

This isn't EBI, so there was no taking turns– it was one and done. Competitors quickly figured out it was best to choose guard, as it didn't matter so much if you were on top or bottom. 

Sudden death (golden score) meant whoever scored first would win and no less than 7 of the main card matches ended this way. 

While definitely different, the Third Coast Grappling ruleset proved to be a hit with the audience.