picture of The New Guard: Mikey Musumeci

Completed, Oct 23, 2019

Introducing the newest entry into The New Guard documentary series... Mikey Musumeci!


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SUPERCUT: The Epic Rivalry Between Mikey Musumeci and Joao Miyao

Oct 16, 2019

Two elite competitors in one weight class always makes for a exciting rivalry for the fans. And that's exactly what we have here. 

Mikey and Joao grew up having never faced each other as colored belts, but when it came to black belt the two of them meeting became inevitable very quickly. In fact, the first ever tournament Mikey Musumeci competed in as a black belt he faced the more established Joao Miyao. Little did they know after meeting in the finals of American Nationals 2015 that the start of an epic rivalry had started.

Matches included:

2015 American Nationals Final

2016 American Nationals Final

2016 LA Grand Slam Final

2016 IBJJF No-Gi World Championships Final

2017 IBJJF World Championships Final