picture of 2020 Who's #1

Completed, Feb 7 - 8

What's the best way to find out Who's Number One? Head-to-head matches between the top-ranked grapplers in the game! You can watch Who's Number One LIVE on FloGrappling on February 8. Click here for tickets to watch the event in person in Costa Mesa CA. 


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Rui Alves Drilling Lapel Attacks and Guard Passes

Feb 8, 2020

20-year-old purple belt Rui Alves of Dream Art Alliance is known for his creative use of the lapel, and is one of the best young exponents of the modern lapel guard game. He told us that he started practising it at home with his dad, who is a black belt, as a way to control the distance against opponents as he used to suffer from claustrophobia and didn't like being on bottom. This led to him developing a sophisticated series of attacks that use worm guard, squid guard and more. How did he come up with it? "I watched a lot of Keenan's matches," he said.