picture of Grapplefest 8

Completed, Feb 29, 2020

Watch Grapplefest 8 live on FloGrappling! Featuring Adam Wardzinski vs Jon Blank, Tye Ruotolo vs Dante Leon and Kade Ruotolo vs Ashley Williams. 

An Hour Of Dante Leon No-Gi

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Over An Hour Of Dante Leon's No-Gi Matches

Feb 26, 2020

No-Gi phenom, Dante Leon is all set to take on rising star Tye Ruotolo at Grapplefest 8. Although Dante is on a 6 match winning streak, he's not doubting young Ruotolo. 

While most juvenile stars take a few years to acclimate to the adult division, Tye is holding his own competing against some of the most seasoned black belts in the game today. 

Watch these two monsters compete at Grapplefest 8 on February 29th, only on FloGrappling.com.

Dante Leon vs Pedro Rocha
Dante Leon vs Felipe Ceasar
Dante Leon vs Jamie Canuto
Dante Leon vs Marcio Andre
Dante Leon vs Renato Canuto