2020 Subversiv 4

2020 Subversiv 4

Oct 31, 2020

Group 1 (4:00pm to 4:15pm)
Team Level Black (+150) vs Gracie Humaita Philly (+2500)
Kody Steele vs Zach Green
William Tackett vs Jarrod Curry
Elisabeth Clay vs Jacquelyn Gola

Group 2 (4:15pm to 4:30pm)
Gracie Barra (+900) vs Fight Sports (+700)
Carlos Souza vs Gesias Cavalcante
Tex Johnson vs Fellipe Trovo
Caitlin Cardenas vs Tara White

Group 3 (430pm to 445pm)
10th Planet (+2000) vs Team Brave (+350)
Sergei Zack Edwards vs Hugo Marques
Rene Souza vs Max Gimenis
Laura Kent vs Laurah Hallock

Group 4 (445pm to 500pm)
Studio 84 (+500) vs Team Philly (+1500)
John Combs vs Tom Cellamare
Guitano Mione vs Daishi Goto
Brittney Olinda Elkin vs Eve Isaacs

Group 5 (500pm to 515pm)
Atos (+175) vs Peace Makers (+2500)
Andy Murasaki vs Dez Mcdonald
Lucas Daniel Barbosa vs Craig McDonald
Rafaela Guedes vs Chrissy Biggs

Group 6 (515pm to 530pm)
Wild Card (+900) vs Daniel Gracie (+600)
Savion Maranon vs Dylan Royce
Isiah Wright vs Alex Myers
Bailey Luttrell vs Amanda Leve

Group 7 (530pm to 545pm)
Checkmat (+250) vs Team New Jersey (+2500)
Gabriel Almeida vs Robert LeMasney
Arnaldo Maidana de Oliveira vs Tim Williams
Thamires Monteiro vs Rachel Schonewolf

Group 8 (545pm to 600pm)
Team New York (+550) vs SAS (+1000)
Nick Ronan vs Andrew Jared Kochel
Oliver Taza vs Kyle Myers
Fatima Kline vs Samantha Fisher

Quarter Finals (+180 Male, Female, -180 Male) First team to win 2 matches advances

Winner of Group 1 vs Winner of Group 2 Quarter Final A (600pm to 615pm)
Winner of Group 3 vs Winner of Group 4 Quarter Final B (615pm to 630pm)
Winner of Group 5 vs Winner of Group 6 Quarter Final C (630pm to 645pm)
Winner of Group 7 vs Winner of Group 8 Quarter Final D (645pm to 700pm)

Semi Finals (Female -180 Male +180 Male) First team to win 2 matches advances
Winner of Quarter Final A vs Winner of Quarter Final B Semi Final 1 (700pm to 715pm)
Winner of Quarter Final C vs Winner of Quarter Final D Semi Final 2 (715pm to 730pm)

3rd Place Final (-180 Male +180 Male Female) First team to win 2 matches wins
Loser of Semi Final 1 vs Loser of Semi Final 2 (730pm to 745pm)

Championships (-180 Male, +180 Male, Female) First team to win 2 matches wins
Winner of Semi Final 1 vs Winner of Semi Final 2 (745pm to 800pm)

Event Info
Watch Subversiv 4 live or on demand only on FloGrappling! Featuring team versus team using a submission-only ruleset. This no-gi bracket will feature 16 teams of three competitors including one heavyweight, one lightweight and one female competitor.