picture of 2023 European Jiu-Jitsu IBJJF Championship

Jan 23-29

The IBJJF has moved its 2023 European Championships away from the events most recent homes, Lisbon, Portugal and Rome, Italy. This time, Euros is in Paris, France.

Monday, Jan. 23: adult female blue belts and some adult male blue belts, all adult and masters white belts, some masters divisions

Tuesday, Jan. 24: adult male blue belts, some masters divisions

Wednesday, Jan. 25: adult purple belts, some masters divisions

Thursday, Jan. 26: most masters colored belts

Friday, Jan. 27: adult male brown belts, some masters divisions

Saturday, Jan. 28: adult black belt elimination rounds, juvenile divisions, female brown belts, some masters

Sunday, Jan. 29: black belt quarterfinals through finals, some masters black belts

See the division by division schedule, plus brackets, here.