picture of Eddie Cummings

Eddie Cummings is a jiu-jitsu black belt from New York known as a leg lock specialist. A two-time EBI Tournament champion at 145lb, Cummings received his black belt from John Danaher and was one of the first representatives of the "Danaher Death Squad". He left the Renzo Gracie Academy to train at Unity Jiu-Jitsu.

W/L Methods


Submission W/L Methods

Submission MethodWinsLosses
Heel Hook110
Inside Heel Hook20
Outside Heel Hook10
Triangle Arm Bar01

Match History

W W. Wolk Replay Decision Fight 2 Win 108 Featherweight2019
W R. Canuto Replay Penalty 2018 Kasai Pro 2 160lbs2018
W J. Sandoval Replay RNC Musclepharm Fight 2 Win Pro 56 155lbs2017
W S. Chantre Replay Decision Fight 2 Win Pro 31 Featherweight2017
W A. Costa Heel HookEBI 10135lbs2016
W B. Yoshida Inside Heel HookEBI 10135lbs2016
L G. Martinez OTEBI 10135lbs2016
W A. Alduncin Heel HookEBI 10135lbs2016
W B. Cooper Heel HookEBI 7145lbs2016
W S. Hernandez RNCEBI 7145lbs2016
W C. George Heel HookEBI 7145lbs2016
W M. Davila RNCEBI 7145lbs2016
D A. Mendes N/A - DrawPolaris 42016
W R. Bodycomb Heel HookPolaris 22015
L A. Mendes Penalty2015 ADCC World Championships-66kgs2015
WA. SurkhayHeel Hook2015 ADCC World Championships-66kgs2015
W R. Miura Heel HookEBI 4135lbs2015
W B. Yoshida Heel HookEBI 4135lbs2015
W K. Berbrich Heel HookEBI 4135lbs2015
W J. Soto Heel HookEBI 4135lbs2015
L G. Tonon Triangle Arm BarEBI 3Welterweight2015
W E. Cocco Inside Heel HookEBI 3Welterweight2015
WL. KarppinenHeel HookEBI 3Welterweight2015
W D. Prokopos Outside Heel Hook2015 Gracie NationalsAbsolute Division2015
L V. Rocha Points2013 ADCC US Trials-77kgs2013