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Reflections on Fight to Win Pro 8

Reflections on Fight to Win Pro 8

Jul 26, 2016

Fight to Win Pro 8 is in the books and what an event it was! Bill Cooper made a triumphant return, Garry Tonon did what Garry Tonon does, Dean Lister and Yuri Simoes squashed their beef and Kurt Osiander is still a badass. In a new installment on FloGrappling, Spotlight

Matches Covered

Watch the full Tanner Rice Mauricio Alonzo match here.

Watch the full Kurt Osiander vs Thomas Cronin match here.

Watch the full Garry Tonon vs Dustin Akbari Match here.

Watch the full Yuri Simoes vs Dean Lister match here.

Watch the full Jeremy Jackson vs Pedro Silva match here.

Watch the full Milton Bastos vs Alex Canders match here.

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