picture of Renzo Gracie
WATCH: Renzo Talks How To Improve Your BJJ

Renzo Gracie Gives Advice For Those Looking To Improve Their Jiu-Jitsu

Oct 16, 2017

Legendary Gracie family member Renzo Gracie predictably stole the show at the Fight Sports grand opening and charity seminar on Saturday in Miami. After showing a few techniques to the eager crowd, he opened up his book of wisdom and gave all those in attendance some advice on improving their jiu-jitsu.

"You get a lot better by training with guys who are lighter than you and not as good as you," Gracie said. "So every day you have to roll with a guy who's not so good, to make him better and to make yourself better. This is extremely important for both of you.

My jiu-jitsu improved a lot when I moved to America. I only had Matt Serra, who was a blue belt and Rodrigo. All my students were white belts.

"When Roger became the best, he went to London and only had blue belts and white belts to train with. In reality, when you train with beginners you start developing things. You let guys get to positions you don't let nobody else get to."