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Askren Interviews John Danaher

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Meeting Of The Minds: Ben Askren Interviews John Danaher

Oct 3, 2020

Ben Askren sits down with grappling guru John Danaher to talk all things combat sports. From Gordon Ryan to Khabib, leglocks and the funk Ben and John leave no stone unturned!

Interview Notes:

1min - Khabib vs GSP

3min - Khabib’s grappling game

4min - Dissecting jiu-jitsu rule sets, is sub only necessary? 

9min - Why it's important to emphasize submissions

12min - How John got started in teaching grappling and how he developed the leglock game

19min - The differences between wrestling and grappling communities

25min -Developing leglocks and the funk

30min - Will Gordon Ryan transition to MMA?

40min - Jon Jones vs Gordon Ryan

45min - Wrestling training tactics, international wrestling, Penn State wrestling

50min - How wrestlers transition post college

54min - The moment the grappling community recognized leglocks work