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How Dante Beat Lepri At ADCC

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Behind The Dirt: How Dante Leon Beat Lepri At His Own Game

Feb 27, 2020

Lucas Lepri is infamous for his incredible ability to knee slice past competitors which in turn has help him become one of the most accomplished competitors of all time. However, at ADCC 2019 he met Dante Leon in the quarter-finals.

 During one of the most impressive upsets of the year, Dante used his Reverse De La Riva guard to keep Lepri at distance. With impressive timing, Dante was able to wrestle up and ultimately take Lepri to the ground. With little time left, this provided Leon with the points he needed to gain a victory over one of the best competitors on the mats today.

For this breakdown, we brought in wrestling expert, Mike Mal to show you exactly what Leon did and why he's a threat heading into 2020. Be sure to watch Dante take on Tye Ruotolo in one of the most anticipated matchups coming out of Grapplefest.

Watch Dante Leon at GrappleFest 8 on Feb. 29th