picture of Diego Gamonal Nogueira

W/L Methods


Submission W/L Methods

Submission MethodWinsLosses
Wrist Lock01
Choke From the Back03
Triangle Arm Bar01
Cross Choke01

Match History

W C. McGuire Other2019 Pantheon InvitationalHeavyweight2019
LP. AraújoFootlock2019 Pantheon InvitationalHeavyweight2019
L R. III Other2019 Pantheon InvitationalHeavyweight2019
L M. Leighton Wrist Lock2019 Pantheon InvitationalMedium Heavyweight2019
L M. Diniz Triangle2019 Pantheon InvitationalAbsolute Division2019
L L. Barbosa Armbar2019 Pantheon InvitationalSuper Heavyweight2019
L M. Diniz Armbar2019 Pantheon InvitationalMedium Heavyweight2019
LL. LeitePoints2019 Pantheon InvitationalMiddleweight2019
L D. Ramalho Other2019 Pantheon InvitationalHeavyweight2019
L A. Galvao Penalty2019 Pantheon Invitational-88kgs2019
W K. Cornelius Other2019 Pantheon InvitationalMedium Heavyweight2019
L S. Moraes Points2019 Pantheon InvitationalMiddleweight2019
L M. Santana Points2019 Pantheon InvitationalMedium Heavyweight2019
L J. Watson Choke From the Back 2019 IBJJF Austin Open Medium Heavyweight2019
L J. Watson Points 2019 IBJJF Austin Open Absolute Division2019
L F. Pena Other 2019 World Jiu-Jitsu IBJJF Championship Medium Heavyweight2019
WL. KingOther 2019 IBJJF Portland International Open Super Heavyweight2019
L H. Montiero Triangle 2018 IBJJF Orlando Open Heavyweight2018
LI. NetoAdvantage 2018 IBJJF Houston Open Heavyweight2018
L H. Montiero Points 2017 IBJJF Miami Fall Open Heavyweight2017
L R. Pinheiro Replay Decision Fight 2 Win Pro 46 190lbs2017
L F. Rodriguez Replay Toehold Fight 2 Win Pro 46 160lbs2017
L E. Kelly Other 2017 IBJJF Austin No-Gi International Open Super Heavyweight2017
LP. AraújoOther 2017 IBJJF Dallas Spring Open Heavyweight2017
LJ. QuinlanOther 2017 IBJJF Boston Spring Open Super Heavyweight2017
WV. Jr.Other 2016 IBJJF Miami Fall Open Heavyweight2016
W T. Erard Replay Decision Fight 2 Win Pro 15 190lbs2016
L R. Jr. Replay Choke Fight 2 Win Pro 6 Heavyweight2016
L J. Sousa Choke From the Back 2016 World Jiu-Jitsu IBJJF Championship Heavyweight2016
L L. Rocha Advantage 2015 World Jiu-Jitsu No-Gi IBJJF Championships Super Heavyweight2015
WW. ShannonOther 2015 IBJJF Boston Summer Open Heavyweight2015
L A. Maidana Armlock2015 IBJJF Pan American ChampionshipMedium Heavyweight2015
WJ. BoudreauxOther 2015 IBJJF Houston Open Heavyweight2015
L K. Cornelius Triangle Arm Bar 2013 BJJ Pro League 94kgs2013
L F. Pena Choke From the Back 2013 IBJJF Rio Open Medium Heavyweight2013
W D. Simmler Other 2012 Pan No-Gi Jiu Jitsu Champions Super Heavyweight2012
L A. Galvao Choke 2012 IBJJF Houston Open Medium Heavyweight2012
L A. Galvao Choke 2011 Pan Jiu-Jitsu IBJJF Championship Medium Heavyweight2011
LK. GracieCross Choke 2010 Pan Jiu-Jitsu IBJJF Championship Middleweight2010
LL. LeitePoints 2009 World Jiu-Jitsu No-Gi IBJJF Championships Middleweight2009