picture of Spencer Fossier

Spencer Fossier is a Brazilian jiu-jitsu competitor and one of the 16 contestants on FloGrappling’s reality TV show, Who’s Next: Submission Fighter Challenge presented by Tezos. Born on May 16, 1990, Fossier is a brown belt under Craig Jones. The most eccentric member of the 16 competitors, 32-year-old purple belt Spencer goes by the moniker "Sewer Rat". He hails from Louisiana.


Who's Next: Never Give Up (Episode 2)

May 18, 2022

The remaining eight athletes move into the WNX fighter house and leap into their first team challenge. Things get off to a rocky start and tensions rise as the first quarter final fight pick is announced. Craig and Tim get a first look at how their team performs at the first team training session and our first semi finalist is crowned.