ADCC Trials Winners Power Rankings (2023-2024 Season)

ADCC Trials Winner Power Rankings (2023-2024 Season)

Back by popular demand, the ADCC Trials Winner Power Rankings are here to help us understand which of the winners from the eight ADCC trials were most successful, most dominant, showed most promise in their lead up to the big show.

Every athlete who wins ADCC Trials has earned his or her spot at ADCC 2024 in Las Vegas. But not every trials run is the same. Some athletes grit their ways through, while others put up monster numbers, string together a streak of submissions, or take out a who's who of ADCC veterans on their path to gold.

Those criteria could be valued in any number of orders. But here, where the goal is to determine who is most ready for the 2024 ADCC World Championships, we've placed the highest value on the number of ADCC veterans each winner defeated en route to gold. The second criterion is submission rate.

the third criterion is the average match length of wins, rewarding those athletes who end the match in regulation, either by quick submission or by points. Then comes record, points for, and points against.

Why does record matter?

Because athletes have two or more chances to qualify for ADCC via the trials process. Athletes who climb through a division and rack up wins in the first trials, but ultimately fall short of gold, will have their stats added together if they are successful in a future trials. To use 2022 as an example, Keith Krikorian's stats from his 5-1 run at the 2021 East Coast Trials were added to his stats to his qualifying 7-0 run at the 2022 West Coast Trials.

These rankings will be updated soon after each of the eight ADCC Trials throughout the 2023-2024 schedule to reflect all athletes who have qualified for the World Championships via the trials process.

NOTE: These rankings do not include the female athletes who won an ADCC event in which they did not qualify for ADCC, so athletes like Adele Fornarino and Alex Enriquez will not appear on this list. However, their stats from the first trials will be counted if they qualify in the second trials.

All athletes who compete in more than one Trials in the 2023-24 season will have their results from all attended trials lumped together. So Dan Manasoiu's stats, for example, will contain results from the 1st European Trials as well as the East Coast Trials in which he won gold.

RankingNameCountryWeight CategoryTrials WonNumber of ADCC vets beatSubmission RateAverage Match Length (Wins)RecordPoints ForPoints Against
1Jozef ChenRSA77kg1st European333%0:06:436-0270
2Jacob CouchUSA88kgEast Coast2100%0:02:587-030
3Dorian OlivarezUSA66kgEast Coast243%0:06:307-0200
4Elijah DorseyUSA77kgEast Coast214%0:06:237-0230
5Gairbeg IbragimovRUS66kg2nd European214%0:07:127-0130
6Taylor PearmanUK88kg2nd European190%0:03:1810-1122
7Luke GriffithRSA-99kg1st European1100%0:02:045-090
8Izaak MichellAUS88kg1st Asia & Oceania180%0:04:325-0130
9Declan MoodyAUS-99kg1st Asia & Oceania175%0:03:204-040
10Dan ManasoiuUSA99+kgEast Coast175%0:03:568-1260
11Owen JonesUK66kg1st European133%0:05:516-0150
12Margot CiccarelliITA55kg2nd European120%0:06:105-0120
13Heikki JussilaFIN99+kg1st European10%0:08:004-080
14Nia BlackmanUK65+kg2nd European10%0:08:154-0110
15Josh SaundersAUS99+kg1st Asia & Oceania0100%0:03:283-030
16Paul ArdilaUSA-99kgEast Coast083%0:03:446-070
17Tommy LangakerNOR77kg2nd European064%0:04:0810-1259
18Aurelie LeVernFRA65kg2nd European060%0:03:515-090
19Marcin MaciulewiczPOL99kg2nd European057%0:03:547-1106
20Ethan ThomasAUS66kg1st Asia & Oceania050%0:05:266-030
21Kenta IwamotoJPN77kg1st Asia & Oceania040%0:05:045-0192
22Santeri LiliusFIN88kg1st European017%0:06:296-0130
23Mark MacqueenSCT99+kg2nd European00%0:09:454-030