Dillon Danis: 'I Went Out On My Shield At Copa Podio'

Dillon Danis: 'I Went Out On My Shield'

After dislocating his arm in the third place match of the Copa Podio Lightweight Grand Prix on Saturday night, Dillon Danis talks for the first time about the state of his injury and his plans for returning to Copa Podio at a higher weight class.

“I think I was a little too tense and he [Diego Borges] tried the drop-seio nage. I tried to defend, I guess I posted my arm and it was too straight, or it was too much force, and it dislocated.

“I felt it right away. I felt like I didn’t have an arm, it was a weird feeling.

“I stuffed a takedown, I wasn’t sure but I knew there was a little bit of time left. My mind was in shock.

“He took me down, and I knew it was over. It was bad.

“We checked the X-ray and it was a dislocation, they put it back in place. No fracture.

“I should probably be back soon. The doctor said two to three weeks, we’ll see.

“I was really upset with losing, but I can really say I fought as hard as I could and that makes me feel OK. For me what matters is when I go and fight is how hard I go. I fought my heart out.

“The ending sucked and it was terrible, but it was cool. I went out on my shield.

“I was upset after, like ‘why did this happen to me?’ But this is the lifestyle I chose.

“I feel like I should be in third place. I had a good match with Lo, and I feel that at middleweight I could win.”