Gordon Ryan Wants A Rematch With Patrick Gaudio: 'I'm Furious'

Gordon Wants A Rematch With Gaudio

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Although Gordon Ryan claimed double gold at the IBJJF No-Gi World Championships over the weekend, he wasn't exactly ecstatic about his performance. Always looking to put on a show if Gordon doesn't get the submission victory deep down he counts it as a loss.

One of the most exciting matches of the tournament was the nail-biter against GF Team black belt Patrick Gaudio. The two traded sweeps back and forth and the score was even going into the final seconds. From there Gordon was able to put things into second gear and rack up two last minute advantages that won him the match. 

"I'm confident if I had thirty more seconds I would have finished him, if I would have actually taken his back, I would have finished him. But you know when I don't finish people I'm furious. I don't like to go out and win by points or advantages I want to go out and represent what we do and be able to finish people."

Ryan is looking to right his wrong and wants a re-match with the 2018 IBJJF World Championships runner up.

"I would be happy to fight him again because I want to I'd be happy to fight him again cause I want to submit him. I won by an advantage which gets me through the tournament but I don't really count that as a win. I'd be happy to fight him again and I think I would do much better. If I can actually wrestle I think I'd put him down and pass his guard."

Watch the full match here.