Levi Jones-Leary's Incredible Ascent Begins with the Mind


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Levi Jones-Leary may appear to some as a bit cocky.

But – so far at least – the results back up the swagger, and the attitude itself serves a very distinct purpose: Levi Jones-Leary has touted visualization as one of the key components to his incredible ascent to the top of the black belt ranks.

You see, Jones-Leary has been seeing himself as a black belt world champion before he even earned the rank.  With that mindset, he's been able to remain cool and collected throughout some of the most stunning performances we've ever seen from a rookie black belt, including victories over legends like Lucas Lepri and titles at the European and Pan Championships.

"No matter what happened, I was still going to see myself as a black belt world Champion. Even if I lost every match, I would still feel about my self the same way."

The Australian is looking to harness that mindset yet again this week at the Abu Dhabi World Pro, and we're very eager to see how he performs in the STACKED 77kg division.