Danaher Weighs In On Berimbolo Debate: "Follow the Numbers"


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Personally the berimbolo debate has quickly become one of my favorite topics to discuss in jiu-jitsu. Partly because how fractured the community is on the topic and partly because everyone in the sport has their own hot-take. 

If you aren’t familiar Keenan Cornelius opened a pandoras box last year when he emphatically stated that the berimbolo “doesn’t work”.

Since then just about everyone in the community has weighed in on the debate. From Marcelo Garcia to Levi Jones-Leary the general consensus seems to be that the technique can work, which means the debate has changed to challenge the effectiveness at the highest level.

Keenan is one of the deepest thinkers in jiu-jitsu and making sense of his words will do us all some good. Which is why I asked another great thinker in the sport to weigh in on the debate and give us his take on the polarizing technique.

In the interview above John Danaher breaks down exactly what it is that makes a technique effective in a meticulous way. Does the technique work across weight categories? Does the technique stand the test of time? These are all things we should be considering when debating the effectiveness of niche jiu-jitsu moves. Leave it to the mad scientist in the blue basement to break it all down for you.  Watch the full interview above!