2019 Road To Worlds: ZR Tream Training Report & HL


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Residing just east of Los Angeles is perhaps one of the most underrated training facilities in California. Sporting no less than three World Class black belts: Lucas Rocha, Gabriel Sousa, and Diego Ramalho, who bring both experience and invocation o their students.  


Nice and simple: the entire group takedown entries for 5 minutes.

Drilling: Personal Preference - 20 minutes

After warming up athletes were given free rein over what they wanted to drill for the next 20 minutes. 

Technique - Passing The Lapel Guard, 50/50 Sweep, and Lapel Assisted RDLR Sweep

A key difference we saw at ZR team when compared to other academies is they did a healthy technique session – specifically addressing modern lapel variations for a variety of positions: 50/50, Reverse De La Riva, and Open Guard. 

BE sure to watch the full video to see the techniques unfold in full. 

Positional Sparring – King of the Mats: First Point Scored Wins

The same scenario that we saw at Romulo's, ZR Team ran first-to-score-, king of the hill rounds. The first person to score in any way or submit stayed on the mat, the loser goes to the back of the line and waited to rotate back in.  this lasted 20 minutes.


There were six, 6-minute rounds of sparring.  The pace was fierce, and Romulo demanded a fast pace from all present on the mats.