Caio Terra Academy: Training Report and Highlight


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Warmup: 1hr of Self-Directed Drilling

If anything distinguishes the training sessions at CTA from other academies, it was the x emphasis given to drilling. Athletes drilled whatever they felt they needed to work on for an entire hour. Anyone who's attempted even just half of that realizes what a grueling exercise that is.

Specific Sparring:

If anything distinguishes Caio Terra’s x methods, it could be the meticulously detailed specific sparring scenarios that he ran throughout the day.

Terra separates the room into groups of three: two people start in the middle while the third waits to rotate in after a minute and a half. 

The player remaining n the middle after the first round starts the next with the default score of  +2 advantages, and the newly rotated person is down has nothing.  The impetus of the dirll then is to score as quickly as possible, as there is limited time available.  

Though it's difficult to discern from the footage, Caio also ran a drill that forced competitors to be cognizant of the boundaries of the match and making sure they only when out of bounds in the correct manner.

LIVE Training

As always, there were many live sparring rounds.