2023 Finishers 18 125lbs Grand Prix

Enriquez & Matthew May Rematch At Finishers 125 GP, Grace Gundrum Returns

Enriquez & Matthew May Rematch At Finishers 125 GP, Grace Gundrum Returns

Three of Finishers Sub Only's top female athletes will join the 8-woman 125 lb Grand Prix on Sunday, January 15.

Jan 11, 2023 by Beatrice Jin

This Sunday, eight women will face off in the Finishers Only 125 lb Grand Prix, for $2,000 and the 125 belt. There will be two round robin pools where the winner of each will battle in the finals. 

Of the eight women, Alex Enriquez stands out as the current 135 lb title holder, also a black belt No-Gi Pan champion and No-Gi World medalist. She told FloGrappling that she’s looking forward to showing improved single leg X-guard and ashi attacks, as well as isolating limbs and finding subs from a secured top position.

Also of note is brown belt Nicole Mathew, who recently had a tightly contested match against Enriquez in November 2022. In their previous title match, Mathew outpaced Enriquez in wrestling and traded several submission attempts and positions. Enriquez won by ride time, and if met with a rematch, looks to finish in regulation. Mathew said she is looking forward to displaying a well-rounded game.

Grace Gundrum will be returning to competition for the first time since her appearance in the WNO Championship in 2021. Gundrum is a sub-only specialist from 10th Planet Bethlehem, with her only losses on record going to Mayssa Bastos. She is the only athlete in history to submit an opponent via twister on the WNO platform.

The other five women are all active and successful competitors in the colored belts: Chrissy Briggs: Finishers, Medusa and Fury veteran; Cindy Ung, recent purple belt Pans medalist; Cece Mena, 10th Planet NYC competitor; Gabby Maslanka, Fury veteran; and Erin Brinew, purple belt competitor.

Five other titles will be contested on Sunday -- women’s 105 (defended by Faye Cherrier), 145 (Trinity Pun), and 170 (Brittany Elkin), and men’s 170 (Andrew Kochel) and heavyweight (Pat Shahgoli) straps.