2023 Tezos FloGrappling IBJJF Grand Prix Series

Nathiely De Jesus Returns Strong As A Mother

Nathiely De Jesus Returns Strong As A Mother

The 5-time IBJJF World Champion is set to return from a long hiatus for a shot at $10,000 in a division of world champs at the Tezos IBJJF FloGrappling GP.

Mar 1, 2023 by Patricia Murphy
Nathiely De Jesus Returns Strong As A Mother

The Tezos IBJJF Flograppling Grand Prix is set for March 3 in Austin, Texas. The women’s heavyweight bracket, complete with four world champions, includes Andressa Cintra, Ana Carolina Vieira, Melissa Cueto, and the return of Nathiely De Jesus. 

Nathiely took time off from competing after the birth of her daughter, Laurinha. This GP will be her first high-level competition since. The multiple-time World and Pans champion, known as “The Lasso Queen,” is ready to put on a show. Standing at 5’11 with long legs, Nathiely can create distance in the lasso and spider guard while maintaining complete control. Her flexibility and strength make it next to impossible for her opponents to pass. And in a division like this — with three of the best guard passers around — that skill is vital.

Becoming a mother has shaped and changed the way Nathiely trains. With more limited time, she said she now gives every round her all. Motherhood has brought on a new sense of drive for the athlete. She states, “Laura is my biggest motivation to never give up.” Nathiely is aware of the hard work and dedication that her return demands. As soon as she was invited to this GP she got to work preparing. She said she looks forward to competing against the women in her bracket. 

“All of them are world champions, which means it will be a great competition,” she said. “They each have different games which will be exciting, fun, and fire all at the same time.” 

Tune into Flograppling on March 3rd to watch Nathiely’s return at the Tezos IBJJF FloGrappling Grand Prix.