2023 World Jiu-Jitsu IBJJF Championship

Black Belt World Finals Are SET: Semi Results & Finals Schedule

Black Belt World Finals Are SET: Semi Results & Finals Schedule

See the black belt semifinal results, finals pairings, and schedule for 2023 IBJJF Worlds

Jun 4, 2023 by Joe Gilpin
Black Belt World Finals Are SET: Semi Results & Finals Schedule

Action is coming quick at the last day of the 2023 IBJJF World Championships and the black belt finals are set. See semifinal results and schedules for the finals below.

Male Divisions

Semifinal Results:

  • Roosterweight
    • Thalison Soares def. Roiter Lima by submission (triangle armbar)
    • Lucas Pinheiro def. Carlos Alberto Oliveira by points 3x2
  • Light-Featherweight
    • Diego Oliveira def. Diogo Reis by points 6x4
    • Meyram Maquine def. Cleber Sousa by points 4x0
  • Featherweight
    • Sam Nagai def. Isaac Doederlein by submission (triangle armbar)
    • Diego Sodre def. Fabricio Andrey by judges decision
  • Lightweight
    • Pedro Maia def. Murilo Amaral by points 3x0
    • Johnatha Alves def. Jackson Nagai by advantages 0x0, 4x0
  • Middleweight
    • Tainan Dalpra def. Rolando Samson by points 9x2
    • Jansen Gomes def. Tye Ruotolo by points 4x0
  • Medium-Heavyweight
    • Andy Murasaki def. Isaque Bahiense by points 2x0
    • Gustavo Batista def. Sebastian Rodriguez by advantages 0x0, 1x0
  • Heavyweight
    • Pedro Machado def. Dimitrius Soares by judges decision
    • Fellipe Andrew def. Rider Zuchi by advantages, 2x2, 1x0
  • Super-Heavyweight
    • Kaynan Duarte def Gutemberg Pereira by submission (rear collar choke)
    • Erich Munis def Cassio Felipe Costa (rear collar choke)
  • Ultra-Heavyweight
    • Marcus Vinicius Ribeiro def. Alexander Trans by walkover (injury)
    • Victor Hugo def. Gui Soares by submission (rear naked choke)

Finals Matches:

  • Ultra-Heavyweight - Marcus Vinicius Ribeiro vs Victor Hugo 4:08pm EST/1:08pm PST
    • Marcus and Victor have not fought at black belt
  • Roosterweight - Thalison Soares vs Lucas Pinheiro 4:20pm EST/1:20pm PST
    • Thalison and Lucas have not fought at black belt
  • Light-Featherweight - Meyram Maquine vs Diego Oliveira 4:32pm EST/1:32 pm PST
    • Meyram and Diego are 1-1 at black belt, trading wins at the last two World Championships
  • Featherweight - Sam Nagai vs Diego Sodre 4:44pm EST/1:44pm PST
    • Sam and Diego have not fought at black belt
  • Lightweight - Johnatha Alves vs Pedro Maia 4:56pm EST/1:56pm PST
    • Johnatha and Pedro have not fought at black belt
  • Middleweight - Tainan Dalpra vs Jansen Gomes 5:08pm EST/5:08pm PST
    • Jansen and Tainan have not fought at black belt
  • Medium-Heavyweight - Gustavo Batista vs Andy Murasaki 5:20pm EST/5:20pm PST
    • Andy and Gustavo have fought at black belt
  • Heavyweight - Pedro Machado vs Fellipe Andrew 5:32pm EST/5:32pm PST
    • Pedro and Fellipe have not fought at black belt
  • Super-Heavyweight - Kaynan Duarte vs Erich Munis 5:44pm EST/5:44pm PST
    • Kaynan and Erich have not fought at black belt

Female Weight Division Finals & Schedule

Roosterweight 2:22pm EST/11:22am PST

  • Jhenifer Aquino vs Mayssa Bastos

Light-Featherweight 2:34pm EST/11:34am PST

  • Jessa Khan vs Thamires Aquino

Featherweight 2:46pm EST/11:46am PST

  • Bianca Basilio vs Ana Rodrigues

Lightweight 2:58pm EST/11:58am PST

  • Janaina Menedez vs Ffion Davies

Middleweight 3:10pm EST/12:10am PST

  • Andressa Cintra vs Thalyta Lima

Medium-Heavyweight 3:22pm EST/12:22am PST

  • Maria Malyjasiak vs Amy Campo

Heavyweight 3:34pm EST/12:34am PST

  • Larissa Dias vs Melissa Cueto

Super-Heavyweight 3:46pm EST/12:46am PST

  • Mayara Custodio vs Gabi Pessanha