2024 ADCC South American Trials 2

See All The Top Names Competing At The 2nd ADCC South American Trials

See All The Top Names Competing At The 2nd ADCC South American Trials

See who will be entered in the 2nd ADCC South American Trials, the last chance for these athletes to earn their way to ADCC Worlds

Mar 7, 2024 by Joe Gilpin
See All The Top Names Competing At The 2nd ADCC South American Trials

This Saturday, the 2nd ADCC South American Trials will be going down in Sao Paolo - with every match streamed live exclusively on FloGrappling. For many athletes in Brazil and beyond this will be their last chance to earn a spot at the upcoming ADCC World Championships, making this a make-or-break event for some of the sport's best grappling talents.

The first Trials, just last weekend in Belo Horizonte, saw five worthy contenders earn their own spots. They were.

  • -66kg: Kennedy Maciel
  • -77kg: Luiz Paolo
  • -88kg: Charles Negromonte
  • -99kg: Felipe Costa
  • +99kg: Jose Inacio

Now in the second Trials, we will have many of the same names returning who didn't win plus an influx of athletes who were unable to compete in BH. Also of note, this is the Trials where women can earn a spot at -55kg, -65kg, and +65kg - which is sure to bring out an even better class of athletes than the first Trials.

Notable Entries Per Division:

Men's -66kg

  • Fabricio Andrey
  • Fernando Paiva
  • Fabian Ramirez
  • Igor Moreira
  • Felipe Machado
  • Kaua Gabriel
  • Kalebe Pereira
  • Felipe Nacib

Men's -77kg

  • Jonnatas Gracie
  • Rene Sousa
  • Magid Hage
  • Ernesto Rivera
  • Sergio Ardila
  • Fabio Caloi
  • Jefferson Pontes
  • Vitor Oliveira
  • Alexandre Joaquim de Jesus
  • Fabyury Khrystyan

Men's -88kg

  • Gabriel Almeida
  • Joao Pedro Rocha
  • Pedro Marinho
  • Achilles Rocha
  • Ramiro Leon
  • Gabriel Brod
  • Andre Porfirio
  • Rafael Paganini
  • Mateus Lutes
  • Gustavo Batista

Men's -99kg

  • Helton Junior
  • Elioenai Braz
  • Henrique Ceconi
  • Patrick Gaudio
  • Calon Sabino
  • Fellipe Trovo
  • Vinicius Lessa
  • Vinicius Ferreira Gazola

Men's +99kg

  • Antonio Assef
  • Viktor Doria
  • Cleyton Flores
  • Victor Honorio

Women's -55kg

  • Jasmine Rocha
  • Brenda Larissa
  • Ana Rodrigues
  • Ana Keyla Cunha Quieroz

Women's -65kg

  • Leilani Bernales
  • Ana Carolina Vieira Srour
  • Gabi McComb
  • Jaine Fragoso
  • Julia Boscher

Women's +65kg-

  • Maria Ruffatto
  • Kauane Silva Ramos
  • Tamiris Silva