WNO: Gordon Ryan vs Matheus Diniz

Updates And Results For Who's Number One: Gordon Ryan vs Matheus Diniz

Updates And Results For Who's Number One: Gordon Ryan vs Matheus Diniz

See the live updates and results for Who's Number One: Gordon Ryan vs Matheus Diniz.

Oct 3, 2020 by Corey Stockton
Updates And Results For Who's Number One: Gordon Ryan vs Matheus Diniz
Live from Who's Number One: Gordon Ryan vs Matheus Diniz, here is the play by play of every single match!

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Live from Who's Number One: Gordon Ryan vs Matheus Diniz, here is the play by play of every single match!

William Tacket vs Jason Rau

Rau pulled to butterfly half guard right away. Tackett looked for an over under pass and Rau began to threaten the legs.

Tackett changed sides to knee cut to the right, and got stopped by Rau’s reverse De La Riva guar.

Tackett remained heavy in his passing attempts but Rau was able to scoop a leg up and earn top position off of Tackett’s defense. 

Tackett came up on a single leg to reestablish top position.

Tackett stepped over to pass and ended up with a mounted triangle. He followed through and ended up on bottom, where he secured the triangle and finished with a Kimura.

William Tackett def Jason Rau via Kimura

Nicky Ryan vs Tony Ramos

Nicky didn't hesitate to sit to butterfly guard and then enter into a single leg X-guard. He switched to outside ashi gurami and immediately applied a heel hook for the quick submission win.

Nicky Ryan def Tony Ramos via heel hook

Nathalie Ribeiro vs Luiza Monteiro

Nathalie sat directly to guard. Amid a pass, Luiza attempted an armbar and ended up on bottom with Nathalie coming up. 

Nathalie looked patient from the top trying to find an angle through Luiza’s guard and clearing hooks away from her legs.

Luiza sat up to a front headlock and used Nathalie’s defense to stand up. Luiza sat back to guard, and as Nathalie went to pass, Luiza started to attack her leg. Nathalie countered with her own toe hold, and was able to clear out of the position.

After a moment, Nathalie sat back to guard. Luiza entered a knee cut position which appeared heavy, but Nathalie kept a strong reverse De La Riva. Luiza sat back to attack a foot, and Nathalie exploded up, nearly taking Luiza’s back and then nearly mounting.

As Luiza recovered, she snagged Nathalie’s leg, but Nathalie found room to escape her knee free.

Luiza attempted another attack on the leg, but the match went out of bounds and was reset standing.

Luiza pulled guard after a brief standing exchange. Nathalie established a headquarters passing position, but struggled to get free of Luiza’s grips and frames.

Luiza found a backdoor entry to establish 50-50 guard.

They struggled in the position before Nathale got the better of the position and chased a foot lock out of bounds.

They reset in the middle again with three minutes left and Luiza sat to guard, attacking a leg again, but finding even less purchase on Nathalie’s knee. Nathalie counted with a sort of Estima lock before they stood up again. 

With a minute left, Nathalie shot in and Luiza attacked the leg again, but again Nathalie kept her knee outside the position and countered with an Estima lock. She turned it into an Aoki lock, and Luiza fell back for a heel hook before time expired.

Two of three judges voted in favor of Nathalie Ribeiro.

Nathalie Ribeiro def Luiza Monteiro via split decision

Paulo Miyao vs Geo Martinez

Paulo sat to guard. Geo entered with his hips back, attempting to pass with a leg pin before stepping deeper into the guard.

Miyao went to K-guard, and tried to force a crab ride; but Geo defended his back well and disengaged.

Geo came back to the top, and sat back in an attempt to enter a leg entanglement, but found none and retired to passing.

Paulo isolated a leg then stood up, rushing Geo to create a passing angle. Geo remained strong in his seated position for some time, but Paulo was eventually able to create enough pressure and enter a deeper passing position. In the exchange, Geo grabbed a headlock, forcing Paulo to escape. They returned to their feet, then Paulo opted to sit to guard.

Geo tried to pass from distance, then sat back on a straight ankle lock. Both competitors attempted a berimbolo style roll to crab ride, but neither was successful.

Paulo got on top into a knee cut position, cooking Geo there. Geo eventually got free and earned a sweep before sitting back into a leg lock position, where he controlled both ankles with over wraps.

Geo released his grips and came to the top with four minutes remaining. Paulo looked to turn on the pace from the bottom with back and leg entries, then came to the top, storming Geo with pace. Geo tried another leg entanglement, Paulo answered with a rolling back take attempt before the match ventured out of bounds.

With two minutes left, Geo took top position, entered a leg lock, and defended Paulo’s back take counter.

In his best passing attempt of the night, Geo found a short razor armlock, which Paulo defended. In a last ditch effort, Paulo tried a snap down, and Geo counted with a leg attack as time expired.

Geo Martinez def Paulo Miyao via split decision

Dante Leon vs Kody Steele

After a minute of feints and hand fighting, Dante took the first successful shot, a double leg which put Kody on his back. He tried to hold position in half guard before settling back to a headquarters position with a tall posture.

Dante found an angle to advance passed the guard and secured a guillotine grip. Kody defended it and established top position, but Dante was able to sit up on a single leg, setting Kody down.

From headquarters position, Dante had success setting up his passes, but not finishing them against Kody. Still, Dante appeared to dictate the pace.

Dante switched to a double-under pass, then a body lock before the action went out of bounds.

Kody removed his shirt, and the wardrobe change correlated with a change in Kody’s approach. He played a more seated game. But Dante kept the pressure on. He dove for a guillotine again,  then switched to a Darce; but Kody was able to sneak out.

Here, Dante started to capitalize on his momentum and secured his first complete pass of the fight.

The match scrambled out of bounds and Dante pulled guard on the return. Kody tried to backflip past Dante’s guard, but the move put him underneath Dante, who turned the pressure on again.

On another reset, Dante sat to guard again and wrestled back to the top. From there he secured another headlock, where he dropped his weight for a moment before Kody escaped.

With just more than a minute left, Dante snatched a fourth guillotine attempt, his deepest, and sold out on it. Kody found his way out, but seemed exhausted beneath Dante’s pressure, which persisted until the final second of the match.

Dante Leon def Kody Steele via unanimous decision

Elisabeth Clay vs Gabi Garcia

Lis sat to guard and pulled Garcia in, setting up a gogoplata. Gabi got out of the first attack, but Lis secured her guard again, high around Gabi’s shoulders. Gabi drove her pressure forward atop Lis. Clay’s coach, Samir Chantre alluded that they expected Gabi to make a specific mistake.

Gabi sprawled with a body lock pass within the closed guard, and Clay looked for a guillotine momentarily before climbing her guard up again.

Gabi separated the guard and got to half guard, clearly putting an immense amount of pressure on Lis, who eventually turtled and returned to her closed guard.

Gabi sprawled back, looking for a Sao Paulo pass once more and getting to Clay’s half guard again.

Clay created space and locked an initial Kimura grip. Gabi tried to jump over rush through Clay’s final line of defense, but Lis recomposed her guard.

With Gabi’s pressure forward, Lis threatened a triangle, then settled in butterfly guard with eight minutes remaining. Taking advantage of her larger wingspan, Gabi locked around Lis’s hips again, flipping Lis over and nearly finishing the pass before Lis composed half guard, and eventually closed guard.

With five minutes left, Gabi stood to pass for a moment, to the excitement of Clay’s corner. But Gabi settled back before sprawling back to pass.

Defending the pass, Lis turned to her knees and survived Gabi’s attacks before recomposing half guard.

Gabi tried to smash past the guard, and Lis collected the leg for an attack but could not secure it, and Gabi dropped her weight, pinning Lis’s toes to the mat to collect herself.

Lis returned to closed guard once again, hunting for a gogoplata attack. Gabi worked toward another Sao Paulo pass, and Lis found an omoplata. She had a severe angle on the arm, but with little time remaining, Garcia was able to survive.

All three judges awarded the win to Garcia.

Gabi Garcia def Elisabeth Clay via unanimous decision

Craig Jones vs Roberto Jimenez

Craig sat to guard and forced Z-guard, then dove to attack the far leg. Roberto countered with a rolling back take, escaping toward the edge of the mat. Craig returned to Z guard before Roberto created distance.

Crag used an arm drag to set up another leg entanglement. Roberto was able to escape the first iteration, but Craig secured a deeper position in the scramble. He settled in the inside sankaku, finishing the heel hook for the victory.

Craig Jones def Roberto Jimenez via heel hook

Main Event: Gordon Ryan vs Matheus Diniz

Gordon sat to guard. Matheus kept his hips far away, but exploded in for a body lock pass. Not finding the angle, he returned to distance, then back into a body lock position.

Gordon attempted a butterfly sweep, but Matheus kept his hips square. He kept physical, jumping on and over Gordon’s guard. 

Matheus turned away momentarily, and Gordon followed him up, scoring on a double leg takedown. He progressed from a smash pass into deep half, then attacked a Kimura, looking for a back take but returning back underneath Matheus.

Matheus continued sudden, explosive movements, but Gordon kept his frames, eventually earning an under hook, but Matheus distanced himself when Gordon climbed to create a meaningful grip.

Gordon sat up with a collar tie and snapped Matheus down, securing a cradle to put Matheus on his back and then settling in a side smash.

As Matheus exploded to escape, Gordon slid into mount and rode through the instant bucking escape attempts.

Gordon stabilized patiently as Matheus alternated between waiting and popping his hips. As Matheus’s movement became less and less frequent, Gordon started to push Matheus’s arm across toward an arm triangle position.

Matheus's most significant escape attempt came after a reset. But as Matheus came close to escaping, Gordon almost took his back before settling back in mount.

Gordon got more aggressive in attacking for the arm triangle, but that allowed Matheus to get out, coming on top after six minutes beneath Gordon.

After a stalemate in butterfly guard, Matheus made an aggressive attempt to pass. Gordon collected his legs and held a heel hook position. He and Matheus stopped moving, understanding that the match was over. Matheus eventually conceded.

Gordon Ryan def Matheus Diniz via heel hook