Tezos Who's Number One: Craig Jones vs Pedro Marinho

Updated | How To Bet On WNO: Craig Jones vs Pedro Marinho

Updated | How To Bet On WNO: Craig Jones vs Pedro Marinho

See the money lines for the favorites, underdogs, over/unders and other prop bets for WNO: Craig Jones vs Pedro Marinho, scheduled for Friday, January 21.

Jan 14, 2022 by Corey Stockton
Updated | How To Bet On WNO: Craig Jones vs Pedro Marinho

Online betting sites such as BetOnline and BetDSI will soon release money lines for WNO: Craig Jones vs Pedro Marinho. The January 21 card is scheduled to feature six main card bouts as well as three undercard matchups. There are money lines for each, including straight up bets and juicy props. Check out the favorites, underdogs, over/unders, and more below.


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Craig Jones -600 vs Pedro Marinho +400

Light heavyweight (205 lbs) title match | scheduled for 15 minutes

Over 10 min +230

Under 10 min -290

Jones by submission -200

Jones by decision +220

Marinho by submission +600

Marinho by decision +375

Craig Jones is the overwhelming favorite in this matchup, and for good reason. He’s 4-0 in the WNO ruleset, and has three submission victories in less than five minutes each. But he’s taking on the reigning no-gi double gold world champ in Pedro Marinho, whom Jones struggled against in their last at Kasai in 2019.

Both men have developed substantially since that encounter. Still, it’s best to stay away from any straight up bet given these lines. There’s little reward in a bet for Jones at -500; and Marinho — though a worthy opponent for Jones — has no body of work under the WNO ruleset to reference.

Those willing to place a bet on Craig Jones in this match would be wise to pick Jones by submission, where the reward would be $50 per $100 risked. Betters who would prefer to take a risk on Marinho should take him to win by decision, where the payout on a successful $100 bet would be $375.

Tye Ruotolo -350 vs Levi Jones-Leary +275

Welterweight (170 lbs) title match | scheduled for 15 minutes

 Over 10 min -220

Under 10 min +180

Ruotolo by submission -125

Ruotolo by decision +150

Jones-Leary by submission +500

Jones-Leary by decision +300

In comparison to his Tye Ruotolo, Levi Jone-Leary is inexperienced in both WNO matches and no-gi competition overall. Jones-Leary is 1-0 on WNO, and looked capable against Oliver Taza in his debut, but the odds tell the story in this matchup. 

Oddsmakers expect Ruotolo to submit Leary in the final five minutes of this 15-minute bout, which aligns well with Ruotolo’s record. Ruotolo has three submission wins in his six-match resume on WNO. He landed all three of those submissions in the later half of his matches, and two of them occurred within the final three minutes.

It’s wise to side with the oddsmakers in this one; take Ruotolo via submission for a possible $80 payout on a $100 bet, or increase the risk and parlay it with the over 10 minute bet for a bonus 50% payout.

Nick Rodriguez -400 vs Elder Cruz +300

Heavyweight (205+ lbs) match | scheduled for 15 minutes

Over 10 min +125

Under 10 min -150

Rodriguez by submission -150

Rodriguez by decision +175

Cruz by submission +800

Cruz by decision +305 

Nick Rodriguez is a huge favorite in this matchup, and that calculation may come in part from his size advantage. Elder Cruz is among the top wrestlers in jiu-jitsu, but he’ll be giving up weight to another one of grappling’s top takedown artists in Rodriguez.

The size disparity could weaken Cruz where he is often strongest. As a result, he could be tasked with changing his approach and leaving himself vulnerable.

Still, it’s not often that Rodriguez wins via submission against top-caliber opponents, and Cruz is toeing the line on that list. With that in mind, it’s safest to take the over 10 minute bet here with a $150 payout on a successful $100 bet. Those confident in Rodriguez may want to take him by decision, where the payout would be 16% more.

Jacob Couch -350 vs David Garmo +275

Light heavyweight (205 lbs) match | scheduled for 15 minutes

 Over 10 min +200

Under 10 min -250

Couch by submission -120

Couch by decision +200

Garmo by submission +400

Garmo by decision +125

David Garmo is a late replacement for his Assembly Jiu-Jitsu teammate Haisam Rida. Garmo is 0-1 on WNO, his loss coming via submission to Couch's teammate Andrew Wiltse. And though the oddsmakers may be bullish on couch because of Garmo's WNO experience, it's unwise to count out Garmo.

Garmo tends to over perform when he is outweighed, which he should be in this light heavyweight bout. He may be exposed to Couch's leg lock game, but he has a great kneebar, and could catch a counter attack if Couch get's overly aggressive.

Under 10 minutes seems to be the best bet to make; both of these athletes are willing to take risks to achieve a submission, and neither has a particularly conservative opening strategy. There's a 40% profit at stake with the -250 line.

While he is certainly the underdog, Garmo poses tremendous upside if you bet on his submission victory. Couch has been submitted twice in his three losses on WNO.

Estevan Martinez +290 vs Mikey Musumeci -365

Bantamweight (135 lbs) title match | scheduled for 15 minutes

Over 10 min -275

Under 10 min +215

Martinez by submission +500

Martinez by decision +350

Musumeci by submission +125

Musumeci by decision +155

WNO Bantamweight Champion Mikey Musumeci is a last-minute fill in for Jon Calestine against Estevan Martinez, making this Musumeci's first title defense. Martinez is a heavier underdog against Musumeci than he was for Calestine, but not heavy enough to merit a bet. Martinez has a style that could frustrate Musumeci, and is a training partner of one of the few people ever to submit Musumeci (Gabriel Sousa).

Still, it's rare to see Musumeci in a match where he's unable to control his opponent, even if his opponent is scrappy and wild. Safe money is on Musumeci straight up at -365, as Estevan is rarely submitted.

Brianna Ste-Marie +200 vs Amanda “Tubby” Alequin -260

Flyweight (125 lbs) match | scheduled for 15 minutes

Over 10 min -260

Under 10 min +200

Ste-Marie by submission +350

Ste-Marie by decision +425

Alequin by submission +135

Alequin by decision +105

Brianna Ste-Marie may have a size advantage in this matchup, but Tubby Alequin has become accustomed to conceding weight against opponents and winning nonetheless. Tubby is the more experienced of the two, and that is likely the factor putting her ahead in the odds.

It may be worthwhile to take the risk and pick one of these two athletes to win via submission. Alequin has earned both of her WNO wins via submission, and Ste-Marie won her WNO debut in October via submission.

For betters favoring Tubby Alequin, a successful bet on a submission win would increase the payout more than threefold over a bet for Tubby to win straight up.

Free Prelims

Jessie Crane +155 vs Alexa Yanes -185

Flyweight (125 lbs) match | scheduled for 15 minutes

Over 10 min -260

Under 10 min +200

Crane by submission +300

Crane by decision +250

Yaness by submission +225

Yaness by decision +125

Michael Pixley -200 vs Cameron Reed +160

Light heavyweight (205 lbs) match | scheduled for 15 minutes

Over 10 min -180

Under 10 min +150

Pixley by submission +200

Pixley by decision +130

Reed by submission +300

Reed by decision +450

Geno Morelli +160 vs Kemoy Anderson -200

Middleweight (185 lbs) match | scheduled for 15 minutes

Over 10min -220

Under 10min +180

Morelli by Submission +400

Morelli by Decision +200

Anderson by Submission +130

Anderson by Decision +180

Corey’s prelim quick picks

  • Crane to win: +155
  • Pixley to win: -200
  • Morelli vs Anderson to go over 10 minutes: -200

**betting lines are constantly fluctuating as a result of betting trends. These odds are accurate as of the time of publication.