2022 ADCC World Championships

Mo Jassim Returns As ADCC Head Organizer In 2024

Mo Jassim Returns As ADCC Head Organizer In 2024

Mo Jassim will officially return as Head Organizer for ADCC Worlds in 2024!

Oct 10, 2022 by Michael Sears
Mo Jassim Returns As ADCC Head Organizer In 2024

Great news for the grappling world as Mo Jassim has been selected as the Head Organizer for the ADCC World Championships in 2024. This event will again be held in Las Vegas with a targeted date of September 2024, with trials kicking off at the East Coast Trials in November 2023.

ADCC 2022 was the biggest grappling event in history, with over 12,000 fans in attendance to watch the event over two days at the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas. There was certainly a lot of hype leading up to it, and the ADCC crew came through with an exceptional event that will likely go down as a turning point in grappling history.

"I am very pleased with ADCC 2022, the feedback has been overwhelming. We could have executed some things better, and will make sure to address those in the future, but I am very happy with the event." Mo Jassim

Mo first attended ADCC as a spectator in 2000 and 2005 before officially joining the ADCC staff in 2007. He started at the bottom, initially giving out wristbands, and filling a number of roles before his first run as head organizer at Worlds in 2019. He had previously organized the 2017 West Coast Trials.

Gearing up for his third run as ADCC Worlds Head Organizer, Mo has big plans for 2024 -

"I will make sure ADCC 2024 overshadows ADCC 2022 in every aspect. My rule is never to be satisfied, and to always push the limits as hard as I can. My one goal for every event is to shatter expectations and I can assure you that ADCC 2024 will not be any different!" Mo Jassim