picture of Tezos WNO: Who's Next Finale

Jul 14-15

Watch as Gordon Ryan takes on Pedro Marinho as well as the final match to determine the winner of Who's Next!

Wednesday, July 13th 4:30 CT -  press conference

Thursday, July 14th 5:20 CT - Who's Next Episode 1 screening 

Thursday July 14th 7:00 CT - event begins

Match 1: Fabian Ramirez vs Max Hanson | 15 min

Match 2: Big Dan Manasoiu vs Tristan Overvig | 15 min 

Match 3: “Sewer Rat” Spencer Fossier vs Mike Rakshan | 15 min

Start of Main Card

Match 4: Giancarlo Bodoni vs Jay Rodriguez | 15 min

Match 5: Andrew Tackett vs Rene Sousa | 15 min

Match 6: Nicholas Meregali vs Breylor Grout | 15 min

Match 7: Kyle Chambers vs Izaak Michell | no time-limit submission-only to crown the WNO Finale winner

Match 8: Gordon Ryan vs Pedro Marinho | 30 minute match for the WNO Heavyweight Belt