WNO Fastest Submissions

Fastest Submissions On Tezos WNO (Overall)

Achilles Rocha set the new record with a 15-second submission over Camron Couch at WNO 23. That bumps ahead of the record set by Nicky Ryan at WNO 3 (and repeated only by Adele Fornarino at WNO 22).

1Achilles Rocha0:00:15ArmbarCameron Couch5/10/2024Mens 205
2Adele Fornarino0:00:23Aoki LockAmanda Alequin2/9/2024Womens 125
3Nicky Ryan0:00:23Heel HookTony Ramos10/2/2020Mens 170
4Luke Griffith0:00:24Inside Heel HookHaisam Rida11/11/2022
Mens Heavyweight
5Sophia Cassella0:00:35Inside Heel HookJessie Crane3/25/2022Womens 115
6Haisam Rida0:00:36ArmbarMiha Perhavec6/18/2021Mens 205
7Micael Galvao0:00:43ArmbarPJ Barch10/1/2023Mens 170
8Amanda Alequin0:00:43Toe HoldJessa Khan9/26/2021Womens 115
9Craig Jones0:00:46Inside Heel HookLuiz Panza5/28/2021
Mens Heavyweight
10Mikey Musumeci0:00:57Mikey LockRichard Alarcon10/20/2021Mens 135
11Daniel Sathler0:01:01ArmbarMax Hanson2/9/2024Mens 170
12Helena Crevar0:01:11Heel HookHealy Dayan8/10/2023Women's 145
13Jacob Couch0:01:26Heel HookSebastian Rodriguez2/9/2024Mens 185
14Mikey Musumeci0:01:26Inside Heel HookLucas Pinheiro5/28/2021Mens 135
15Luke Griffith0:01:27Rear Naked ChokeJoe Dierkhising3/25/2022
Men's Heavyweight
16Tammi Musumeci0:01:43Twisting Arm LockDanielle Kelly9/26/2021Womens 115
17Joshua Cisneros0:01:51ArmbarDamien Anderson9/25/2021Mens 155
18Andrew Tackett0:01:52Rear Naked ChokeTroy Russell8/10/2023Men's 170
19Jacob Couch0:01:54Inside Heel HookRoberto Jimenez9/25/2021Mens 185
20Craig Jones0:02:25Inside Heel HookRoberto Jimenez10/2/2020Mens 205
21Kaynan Duarte0:02:28Rear Naked ChokeRodolfo Vieira12/11/2020
Mens Heavyweight
22Jacob Couch0:02:29GuillotineBruno Matias11/11/2022Mens 185
23Cole Abate0:02:43Ankle LockNed Johnson3/27/2021
Catchweight 140
24Micael Galvao0:02:52ArmbarJacob Couch9/25/2021Mens 185
25Danielle Kelly0:03:00KneebarJessie Crane6/18/2021Womens 115