Tezos WNO Pena vs Rodriguez

Results | Tezos WNO: Felipe Pena vs Nick Rodriguez

Results | Tezos WNO: Felipe Pena vs Nick Rodriguez

Follow along for real-time results, updates & more from Tezos WNO: Pena vs Rodriguez on Feb. 25, featuring a main event bout between Preguiça and Nicky Rod.

Feb 26, 2023 by Liam Stein
Results | Tezos WNO: Felipe Pena vs Nick Rodriguez

Follow along for real-time results, updates & more from Tezos WNO: Pena vs. Rodriguez, live from Costa Mesa, California, on Feb. 25, 2023. Along with the main event bout featuring Preguiça and Nicky Rod, and Pedro Marinho in his first Tezos WNO light heavyweight title defense against ADCC Champion Giancarlo Bodoni.

This edition of Tezos WNO features a loaded undercard, including two-time ADCC Champion JT Torres in his debut match against Magid Hage.

Main Card

Main Event: Felipe Pena vs Nick Rodriguez | Heavyweight | 30 min (watch here)

The first 10 minutes went very slow in a feeling-out process, with Rodriguez gaining the judge's favor after nearly passing Pena's guard.  Shortly after the 10-minute mark, Pena attempted an omoplata to spark a series of chaotic scrambles that followed.  Pena expertly maneuvered his guard to seek the back of Rodriguez, including baiting a footlock for Rodriguez.  Unwavering in his attempt to pass the guard of Pena, Rodriguez unleashed a furious combination of cartwheel and bodylock pass attempts until finding a deep heel hook attempt after falling back on a straight ankle lock with less than 3 minutes remaining.  Following an intense battle, Pena escaped the grasp of Rodriguez and managed to return to his guard to ride out the fight.

Felipe Pena def Nick Rodriguez via decision

Co-Main Event: Pedro Marinho vs Giancarlo Bodoni | Light Heavyweight Championship | 15 min (watch here)

Tension filled for all fifteen minutes, and both fighters vied for position in hand fighting, Marinho attempting footsweeps until he landed a blast double leg takedown.  Battling in the open guard of Bodoni, the two exchanged attempts to transition but were stalemated.  Returning to their feet in the final minutes, Marinho landed a second takedown with a massive footsweep to close out the fight and retain his title.

Pedro Marinho def Giancarlo Bodoni via unanimous decision

JT Torres vs Magid Hage | Welterweight | 15 Min (watch here)

JT Torres controlled the fight from the start, scoring a footsweep takedown.  Dominating on top with grueling pressure, Torres battled through the half-guard of Hage, passing several times before landing in mount.  As the clock waned, Torres attempted an armbar but could not finish before the clock expired.

JT Torres def Magid Hage via unanimous decision

Jonnatas Gracie vs Oliver Taza | Middleweight | 15 min (watch here)

Right out of the gate, Taza found a quick takedown with a sleek ankle pick on Gracie.  Gracie then took control of the match, finding Taza's back by countering a leglock attempt.  Using excellent top pressure, Gracie continually hunted chokes to no avail due to Taza's crafty defense and guard recovery.  Getting to his feet late in the match, Taza searched for a late takedown until the clock ran out.

Jonnatas Gracie def Oliver Taza via unanimous decision

Amanda Bruse vs Jasmine Rocha | Flyweight | 15 min (watch here)

While Bruse seemed to have the advantage after finding an early guillotine attempt, Rocha began to turn the tides as she unleashed a flurry of straight ankle lock attempts.  Bruse attempted a footlock of her own but was countered by Rocha, who landed in north-south.  Transitioning to mount shortly after, Rocha got the tap with just under 30 seconds left in the fight!

Jasmine Rocha def Amanda Bruse via smother choke (14:31) 

Kieran Kichuk vs Rene Sousa | Welterweight | 15 min (watch here)

Kichuk opened up the fight by taking Sousa's back and attempting to find the rear naked choke.  The tides turned late in the match as Sousa began to force scrambles leading to a rolling d'arce choke attempt of his own.  In the ensuing scramble, Sousa inverted and found the kneebar finish over Kichuk.

Rene Sousa def Kieran Kichuk via kneebar (12:01)


Calon Sabino vs Stephen Martinez | Light-Heavyweight | 15 min (watch here)

After a guard pull from Sabino, Stephen Martinez dominated the match with his top game and passing ability.  Achieving mount several times, Martinez continued to slice through Sabino's guard despite repeated attempts at recovery.

Stephen Martinez def Calon Sabino via unanimous decision 

Dominic Mejia vs Thien Luu | Lightweight | 15 min (watch here)

In a very exciting opening bout, Mejia came out as the victor after going the full distance.  Following several exciting scrambles, Luu briefly attempted to find a heel hook before Mejia escaped and found his way to mount.  Further taking Luu's back, Mejia secured the referee's decision.

Dominic Mejia def Thien Luu via unanimous decision

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Felipe Pena vs Nick Rodriguez

  • Jake Watson: Felipe Pena
  • Kendall Reusing: Nick Rodriguez
  • Caio Terra: Felipe Pena

Pedro Marinho vs Giancarlo Bodoni

  • Jake Watson: Giancarlo Bodoni
  • Kendall Reusing: Pedro Marinho
  • Caio Terra: Giancarlo Bodoni

JT Torres vs Magid Hage

  • Jake Watson: Magid Hage
  • Kendall Reusing: Magid Hage
  • Caio Terra: JT Torres

Oliver Taza vs Jonnatas Gracie

  • Jake Watson: Oliver Taza
  • Kendall Reusing: Oliver Taza
  • Caio Terra: Jonnatas Gracie

Amanda Bruse vs Jasmine Rocha

  • Jake Watson: Amanda Bruse
  • Kendall Reusing: Amanda Bruse
  • Caio Terra: Amanda Bruse

Kieran Kichuk vs Rene Sousa

  • Jake Watson: Kieran Kichuk
  • Kendall Reusing: Kieran Kichuk
  • Caio Terra: Kieran Kichuk

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Felipe Pena vs. Nick Rodriguez: face off ahead of their main event bout.

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