2024 ADCC South American Trials 1

ADCC South American Trials Results And Live Updates

ADCC South American Trials Results And Live Updates

See who punched their ticket to the 2024 ADCC World Championships at the first South American Trials, featuring the best from Brazil and beyond

Mar 2, 2024 by Joe Gilpin

The first ADCC South American Trials are going down today, with every men's champion earning their right to compete in August at the ADCC World Championships.

The best from Brazil and beyond are in to punch their ticket and the action will be intense as they battle for that opportunity. 

Check out all of the results in real time as we provide live updates (from the round of 16 on) and results right here.

Live Updates


  • Women's -55kg: Brenda Larissa vs Gabriela Mendes
    • Brenda starts off the finals in exciting fashion, passing her way to the back and then securing the rear naked for the submission win in a little over two minutes.
  • Women's -65kg: Jaine Fragoso vs Ana Keyla Cunha Quieroz
    • Ana scores with an uchi mata takedown to move ahead 2-0. Fragoso picks up a penalty for passivity. Ana rides out the victory inside Jaine's closed guard and wins her bracket!
  • Women's +65kg: Maria Ruffato vs Joana Santana
    • Both competitors start super intense, before Ruffato is able to score the takedown right to the back, lock up the body triangle, and secure the RNC win. She's the champion with a less than one minute submission in the finals.
  • Men's +99kg: Jose Inacio vs Antonio Assef
    • Jose and Antonio are bringing it in the finals, trading attempts at big throws and mat returns. Finally, during points, it's Inacio able to secure the back and eventually winning 6-0. He is going to ADCC!
  • Men's -99kg: Elioenai Braz vs Cassio Costa
    • In a match mainly contested in the closed guard, Cassio wins off the back of two penalties to advance himself to the ADCC Worlds.
  • Men's -88kg: Gabriel Almeida vs Charles Negromonte
    • The regulation period had a lot of Gabriel trying to pass but unable to break through Negromonte's guard. In OT, it was Negromonte using a takedown attempt to transition to the back, the body triangle, and the RNC. He's on his way to ADCC.
  • Men's -77kg: Jefferson Pontes vs Luiz Paolo
    • It can end in a moment! After a prolonged wrestling battle on the feet, it was Luiz Paolo who broke through with an attack directly to the back where he secured the RNC. With that submission, he's into the ADCC Worlds.
  • Men's -66kg: Kennedy Maciel vs Kaua Gabriel
    • Early on, Kaua grabs a straight ankle lock and nearly finishes but Kennedy counters into a near back take in a wild exchange. Kaua keeps aggressively attacking legs until finally Kennedy is able to break through, pass to mount, score his points, and win. The former world silver medalist is heading back to ADCC!


  • Women's -55kg: Brenda Larissa vs Raquel Ferreira da Silva, Kanandakely Martins Braz vs Gabriela Mendes
    • Kanandakely picks up a late penalty on a grab of the rash guard and it's Gabriela advancing to the finals.
    • Both semifinals here are decided by penalties, this time for a guard pull in OT as Brenda advances.
  • Women's -65kg: Jaine Fragoso vs Julia Boscher, Agata Fernandes vs Ana Keyla Cunha Quieroz
    • Jaine Fragoso advances in a physical match with a lot of mutual respect by judges decision.
    • Ana Keyla Cunha Quieroz wins by submission, our first finish of the semifinals, taking the back and securing the RNC.
  • Women's +65kg: Luna Rocha vs Joana Santana, Maria Ruffato vs Mirian Costa
    • Maria Ruffato, a world champion at brown belt, uses a beautiful top lock armbar to get the tap and make her way to the finals.
    • Joana Santana scores with a late takedown to take a 4-0 lead as time expires and makes her way to the final.
  • Men's +99kg: Victor Honorio vs Antonio Assef, Leandro Rodrigues vs Jose Inacio
    • Jose Inacio takes the win in the first semifinal by decision, securing late control and riding out for the judge's favor.
    • Victor Honorio is unable to compete and Antonio Assef wins by walkover.
  • Men's -99kg: Elionai Braz vs Luciano Souza, Helton Junior vs Cassio Costa
    • Eloinai Braz picks up the hard-fought win after an OT match that saw both men exchanging big takedown attempts.
    • Cassio Costa edges Helton Junior, winning by 2 penalties from Junior's failure to follow the referee's instructions and another for backing up too much.
  • Men's -88kg: Charles Negromonte vs Rafael Paganini, Andre Porfirio vs Gabriel Almeida
    • Gabriel Almeida brings the crowd up with a crazy flying armbar to send himself back to the finals! Only a little over a minute.
    • In a close match that could have gone either way, Negromonte pulls off the win over Paganini by judge's decision and will be in his first Trials finals.
  • Men's -77kg: Alexandre de Jesus vs Jefferson Pontes, Fabio Caloi vs Luiz Paolo
    • Jefferson Pontes, Bellator MMA veteran and Luta LIvre grappler, advances to the finals with the upset of Alexandre, off the back of two penalties.
    • Luiz Paolo also earns his win off a penalty, given to Caloi for excessive backing up.
  • Men's -66kg: Kennedy Maciel vs Igor Moreira, Kaua Gabriel vs Kalebe Pereira
    • Kaua Gabriel makes the finals with a quick leg lock over his teammate Kalebe, earning his way to the finals.
    • Kennedy Maciel goes smash mode and wins on points, sweeping and passing his way to victory.


  • Victor Honorio at heavyweight is using strong wrestling and position to keep advancing, he is our first semifinalist.
  • In an upset, Charles Negromonte beats former Trials winner Isaque Bahiense. Big win for him.
  • Andre Porfirio submits Enrico Said with a leg lock and he is through to the semifinals.
  • Teenager Kalebe Pereira wins a close overtime match with Felipe Machado to make his way into the semifinals. If he wins Trials, he will be the youngest to ever do so.
  • Kennedy keeps rolling. He is into the semifinals after taking his opponents back and riding out the win.
  • Kaua Gabriel, another Melqui Galvao student, is into the semifinals. They are having a great tournament as a team. He will face teammate Kalebe in the semifinal.
  • Gabriel Almeida wins a tough match with a choke from the back, beating Lutes and putting himself back into the semis at -88kg.
  • Igor Moreira beats Fabian Ramirez in under a minute with an outside heel hook, a big win for him as he is now in the semifinals. He has Kennedy next round.
  • In another match full of broken tables, this time at -99kg, Luciano Souza upsets Gabriel Arges and punches his ticket to the semifinals in the biggest win of his career yet.
  • Alexandre Robinho, a former Trials winner, gets it done again in a close one over Sergio Ardila (brother of North American Trials winner Paul Ardila).
  • In a battle between two of the most dynamic guys in the bracket, Luiz Paolo edges out Magid Hage with a penalty point late.
  • In the last quarterfinal of the day, Fabio Caloi finishes in style with an armbar over Rene Sousa.


  • Isaque Bahiense and Charles Negromonte both advance and will meet in the quarterfinals after a pair of strong showings at -88kg
  • Young Atos standout Joao Pedro Rocha pulls an upset, defeating teammate and gi world champion Gustavo Batista by 0-0 judge's decision in a match decided on the feet.
  • IBJJF no-gi world medalist Rafael Paginini has a serious squeeze - he guillotines his way to the next round
  • Felipe Machado gets by another tough Melqui Galvao teenage phenom in a close, strategic match full of action. Speaking of Melqui fighters, Kaua Gabriel hits a cross ashi leg lace for the tap in less than a minute.
  • At -88, Enrico Said (student of Vagner Rocha) advances after an upset win over Thiago Sa. He has been rolling hard all day and has Andre Porfirio next.
  • Mateus Lutes and Achilles Rocha have an intense, wrestling-based battle that ends with Mateus getting his hand raised. Match of the day so far. Gabriel Almeida beats Preguica student Gabriel Brod by submission after going up 3-0, he will face Lutes next.
  • Kennedy Maciel, the favorite at -66, pours it on late to score and submit his opponent. He is through to the quarters with all submissions.
  • Luiz Paolo hits a nasty heel hook over Fabyury to keep advancing, he takes on Magid next round.
  • Rene Sousa and Nicolas Thorne went to war and Rene pulls out the win by submission, in a match that featured back and forth action and broken tables. A definite scrap. He's got Caloi next.

Round of 16

  • Kennedy Maciel continues his all submissions streak going with an armbar finish.
  • Isaque Bahiense keeps rolling. The former Trials champion wins 8-0 to advance.
  • Atos teammates Gustavo Batista and Joao Pedro Rocha will face off next round after both winning their first few matches. This marks Brauginha's first ADCC action.
  • Calon Sabino inverts onto a leg and gets the kneebar late in the match, he will be advancing at -99kg.
  • IBJJF No-Gi World bronze medalist Rafael Paginini uses a guillotine to advance at -88kg.
  • Gabriel Arges, who is all the way up at -99kg, finishes his R16 match with a triangle choke off a near back-take.
  • Matheus Lutes at -88 gets a brutal belly-down RNC to win and keep advancing.
  • WNO veteran Achilles Rocha advances at -88kg off four penalties to his opponent, he has Mateus Lutes next round.
  • IBJJF No-Gi World gold medalist Javier Zaruski picks up a submission with seven seconds left to advance at -99.
  • Nicholas Thorne of Peru beats Thiago Saboia in an upset at -88
  • Rene Sousa sprints to a 35 second heel hook finish over brown belt world champion Miguel Campos, he is on fire at -77kg
  • Felipe Machado continues his run with a points victory over another tough MGJJ student using his agile back taking skill
  • Fabyury Khrystyan has been electric today and he keeps it going with a win at -77kg by points
  • Teen phenom and divisional dark horse Kalebe Pereira wins and advances to top-16 with a 3-0 victory
  • Magid Hage is putting on a show at -77kg, with more dynamic submissions earning him a spot in the 1/8 finals.

2024 ADCC South American Trials Results

When Is ADCC World  Championships 2024 In Las Vegas?

ADCC World Championships 2024 is scheduled for Aug. 17-18 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

When Are The ADCC Trials?

The trials will be held in four regions:

  • North America
  • South America
  • Europe, Africa & The Middle East
  • Asia & Oceania

The European, Middle East and African trials on Feb.17 in Zagreb, Croatia. 

The Brazil ADCC trials will take place on March 2 Belo Horizonte, in the state of Minas Gerais. The second round of trials will be on March 9 in São Paulo.

The ADCC West Coast trials will take place March 30-31 in Las Vegas, NV. 

The ADCC Asia and Oceania trial will take place on May 11 in Bangkok, Thailand. 

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The following athletes won gold at ADCC 2022, guaranteeing them an invitation to the 2024 World Championships. These athletes' participation status has not yet been confirmed by ADCC:

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