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Tackett Takeover At ADCC West Coast Trials 2024 | Finals Recap & Results

Tackett Takeover At ADCC West Coast Trials 2024 | Finals Recap & Results

Andrew & William Tackett were among the eight athletes who punched their tickets to ADCC 2024, becoming the first brother to do so side-by-side.

Apr 1, 2024 by Corey Stockton
Tackett Takeover At ADCC West Coast Trials 2024 | Finals Recap & Results

Andrew and William Tackett made history at the 2024 ADCC West Coast Trials in Las Vegas, becoming the first-ever brothers to win an ADCC Trials event side by side.

Younger brother Andrew Tackett earned his first ADCC Trials win and his first appearance at ADCC Worlds, defeating two ADCC vets along the way, including Oliver Taza in the 77kg final.

Here's a recap of all Finals matches at ADCC West Coast Trials. 

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ADCC West Coast Trials Finals Recap 

Andrew Tackett at ADCC West Coast Trials 

Andrew submitted four of his seven opponents, and had a weekend full of thrilling scraps, taking wild risks which paid off at every turn.

In his last ADCC Trials showing, Tackett competed in the 66kg division, but moved up this time to 77kg, as older brother William moved to 88kg.

William Tackett at ADCC West Coast Trials 

William Tackett had one of his best performances yet in his second-career ADCC Trials victory, submitting ADCC veteran Jay Rodriguez in the final with a vicious toehold.

William ended his weekend with five submissions in seven matches, and victories over two ADCC veterans. In the semifinal, he outwrestled reputed standing grappler Elder Cruz.

August 2024 is slated for William's second ADCC Worlds appearance. In 2022, he won the trials at 77kg, then lost in the first round. Tackett has been a fixture of ADCC Trials. He took second place in 2019 and again in 2021. He won trials in 2022, then took third in 2023. In 2024, he looked more confident and composed than ever.

Michael Perez at ADCC West Cost Trials 

ADCC veteran Michael Perez accomplished a monstrous feat in his return to the top of the ADCC Trials podium, winning the +99kg (220 lbs and over) division at just 175 lbs.

Perez, a two-time trials champ and multiple-time ADCC Worlds veteran, defeated B-Team's Vince Pezzuto in the final via decision. In total, Perez secured three submissions in six matches on the weekend, all of them in less than 90 seconds.

Although he's physically the lightest representative from Atos currently named to the ADCC roster, he will be competing at the heaviest weight category come the ADCC World Championships.

Deandre Corbe at ADCC West Coast Trials 

Deandre Corbe defeated multiple-time ADCC veteran Keith Krikorian in the 66kg final, earning his first-ever opportunity to show at the ADCC World Championships.

Corbe countered a leg attack to take the back, earning a 3-0 lead which he rode out to the finals. Corbe submitted two of his seven opponents on the weekend in a path that was loaded with ADCC veterans. En route to the final, Corbe submitted multiple-time veteran AJ Agazarm, and defeated two-time ADCC vet Gianni Grippo.

One of Corbe's two submissions came in the semifinal against his brother, Gavin, who took third in the division.

Silver medalist Krikorian had one of the best runs of his career on his way to the final, submitting each of his opponents until the final bout. Krikorian has competed in for ADCC Trials finals in his career.

Jasmine Rocha at ADCC West Coast Trials

Jasmine Rocha submitted four of her five opponents to earn her first berth at ADCC, after several years falling just shy of the top of the podiums at ADCC Trials events in both North and South America.

One of those submissions came in the final against Alex Enriquez, who had previously defeated Rocha at the 2023 ADCC East Coast Trials. Rocha wrestled up and made a quick move to back control. After solidifying the position, she set in the rear naked choke with just seconds left on the clock.

In previous attempts, Rocha fell in the 2nd South American Trials semifinal this year to Ana Rodrigues; she lost in the finals to Enriquez in the 1st North American Trials in 2023. She lost in the South American semis in 2022 to Mayssa Bastos, and in the semis in the 2022 North American Trials to Amanda Bruse.

Jasmine could be one half of the first father-daughter duo to compete sided by side at ADCC Worlds in 2024. While he has not officially been invited, her father, Vagner Rocha, took third place at 88kg in the 2022 ADCC World Championships, often a prerequisite to an invite from the event organizers.

Michael Pixley at ADCC West Coast Trials 

Pedigo Submission Fighting's Michael Pixley ran through the 99kg bracket, submitting his first four opponents in one minute 46 seconds total, before taking back to back overtime decisions in the semis and final to earn his spot at ADCC 2024.

Pixley defeated Adam Bradley in the final, becoming the second ADCC Trials winner from Pedigo in the 2024 ADCC season. He will join his teammates Jacob Couch (East Coast Trials winner) and Dante Leon (ADCC 2022 bronze medalist) at the T-Mobile Arena in August.

Helena Crevar at ADCC West Coast Trials 

Helena Crevar also found redemption against an East Coast Trials foe, defeating Mo Black in the -65kg final to win her ticket to ADCC 2024.

Crevar defeated Black 4-0 in the only match of her five-bout weekend decided on the scoreboard. Crevar submitted each of her four earlier opponents. That makes the 17-year old phenom one of the youngest athletes ever to win an ADCC Trials.

Crevar, usually a guard player, moved to New Wave in Austin in January 2023, and looks to have tremendously improved her wrestling, which was the difference maker between her two matches with Black, separated by five months.

Elizabeth Mitrovic at ADCC West Coast Trials 

Elizabeth Mitrovic stood toe-to-toe with ADCC veteran Amanda Leve in the +65kg division final until Leve sustained an injury, opening the way for Mitrovic to collect her ticket to ADCC 2024.

En route to the final, Mitrovic had three submissions in four matches, all of which came in the first 90 seconds of the matches.

Mitrovic seems to have turned a corner in the last calendar year. After years of coming up short of the podium, Mitrovic won No-Gi Euros, No-Gi Pans and No-Gi Worlds in 2023, and followed it up with a milestone — and career-best — victory at ADCC West Coast Trials.

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What Does ADCC Stand For?

ADCC stands for Abu Dhabi Combat Club,  which is the name of the events organizers. The inaugural tournament was held in Abu Dhabi, UAE in 1998 and has been held every two years since 2001.

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