Kasai Elite Grappling Championships 2

Nicky Ryan: Complete Match Archive

Nicky Ryan: Complete Match Archive

Watch every Nicky Ryan match in the FloGrappling archives.

Apr 16, 2018 by Chase Smith
Nicky Ryan: Complete Match Archive

Nicky Ryan has generated quite a stir since beating top 10th Planet representative Geo Martinez at KASAI Pro 2 over the weekend, but it's not the first time the young star has made headlines.

At 16 years old, he's the youngest-ever athlete to compete at ADCC and has earned two bronze medals at ADCC trials. He's also a two-time winner at Fight To Win Pro. 

Sit back and witness greatness in the making as you jump into the Nicky Ryan archives.  


Nicky Ryan vs. Geo Martinez


Round 1: Nicky Ryan vs. AJ Agazarm 

ADCC East Coast Trials

Semifinal: Nicky Ryan vs. Jason Hayden 

Nicky Ryan vs. Miguel Ocapan 

Nicky Ryan vs. Anthony Gargavalia 

ADCC West Coast Trials

Round 1: Nicky Ryan vs. Pablo Alfonso 

Round 2: Nicky Ryan vs. Jose Rivandeneira 

Quarterfinal: Nicky Ryan vs. Alexis Alduncin 

Semifinal: Nicky Ryan vs. Ethan Crelinsten 

Third-Place Match: Nicky Ryan vs. Luis Quinones

Fight To Win

Nicky Ryan vs. Ricky Lule – F2W Pro 56

Nicky Ryan vs. Derek Albumbaugh – F2W Pro 34