WNO: Craig Jones vs Tye Ruotolo

Betting Lines | The Best Value Bets For WNO: Craig Jones vs Tye Ruotolo

Betting Lines | The Best Value Bets For WNO: Craig Jones vs Tye Ruotolo

Find out the value picks and the most interesting prop bets and over/unders for Who's Number One on June 18.

Jun 7, 2021 by Corey Stockton
Betting Lines | The Best Value Bets For WNO: Craig Jones vs Tye Ruotolo

The online betting site BetDSI has released money lines for Who’s Number One: Craig Jones vs Tye Ruotolo.

These odds are constantly fluctuating. The odds below were reported as of June 7. Find the most up to date betting lines on BetDSI.

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Craig Jones -210 vs Tye Ruotolo +175

Over 10min +185

Under 10min -225

Jones by Submission -115

Jones by Decision +200

Ruotolo by Submission +275

Ruotolo by Decision +250


Jones was listed a much more significant favorite when this match was originally scheduled in April. When Jones pulled out, Ruotolo faced William Tackett instead. Ruotolo put on a display of positional dominance, and showed the world his top notch leg lock defense against the highly acclaimed Tackett. 

It’s noteworthy that the over/under 10 minute odds are nearly identical to the odds for Ruotolo and Jones, respectively. Jones is 3-0 on WNO, and he’s finished each of his matches within five minutes. Ruotolo has made it clear that he wants to drag Jones into deep water. Betters interested in cashing in on Ruotolo could increase their potential winnings by betting on the over. That’s the safest bet given these lines, as it doesn’t rely on Ruotolo winning; Ruotolo only needs to survive until the 10 minute mark for betters to see a pay day.

Mikey Musumeci -800 vs Edwin "Junny" Ocasio +500

 Over 10min +265

Under 10min -350

Musumeci by Submission -500

Musumeci by Decision +250

Ocasio by Submission +650

Ocasio by Decision +800

Musumeci has proven himself as the best bantamweight in grappling after his victory over Lucas Pinheiro. He now has two quick submissions in two matches on the WNO mats. But Junny Ocasio may have a more challenging game for Musumeci than either of his two previous opponents. Musumeci has rarely been beaten in any format in his black belt career, but as a -800 underdog, a bet for him won’t go far. It may be best to play the prop bets in this match, and the over/under 10 minutes is particularly intriguing.

Junny tends to play a very open, opportunistic game, and will likely try to scramble to create mistakes. But Musumeci’s game is close to perfect, and if Junny opens up too much, we can expect Musumeci to collect a submission. The under may be the safest bet in this matchup.

Miha Perhavec +300 vs Haisam Rida -400

 Over 10min -240

Under 10min +185

 Perhavec by Submission +500

Perhavec by Decision +400

Rida by Submission -175

Rida by Decision +135


Rafaela Guedes -450 vs Erin Harpe +325

Over 10min -300

Under 10min +235

Guedes by Submission -200

Guedes by Decision +145

Harpe by Submission +550

Harpe by Decision +400

We expect Guedes vs Harpe to be an all out scrap on the feet and on the mat. Guedes is the clear favorite, as she’s been nearly unstoppable since her black belt debut. It may be unwise to play the over/under here. Neither Guedes nor Harpe is likely to back down in a wrestling exchange, so this match may take time before it gets to the mat. Those looking to cash in on Guedes’ grappling pedigree against the MMA-oriented Harpe may look to take her by submission.

Kade Ruotolo -400 vs Cole Franson +300

 Over 10min +190

Under 10min -245

Ruotolo by Submission -200

Ruotolo by Decision +150

Franson by Submission +400

Franson by Decision +525

Kade Ruotolo is undefeated on the WNO mats. He’s 2-0, with a decision win and a submission win, both coming against Ethan Crelinsten. He’s the clear favorite against Franson, and a bargain at -400. But it may be worth the risk to take Ruotolo by submission, where the payout would be double, -200.

Andrew Wiltse -185 vs Gabriel Almeida +150

Over 10min -425

Under 10min +295

Wiltse by Submission +155

Wiltse by Decision +100

Almeida by Submission +265

Almeida by Decision +225

It may be tempting to take Andrew Wiltse by submission against Gabriel Almeida. But Almeida demonstrated his solid submission defense in his last outing against Nicky Ryan, and Wiltse has had issues against opponents who refuse to face his butterfly guard head-first.

Almeida’s best bet will be to play a cagey game against Wiltse, and Wiltse has struggled in those situations. It may be best to take Wiltse straight up in this match. The -185 favorite could still deliver a considerable payout. 

Micael Galvao -175 vs Oliver Taza +135 

Over 10min -220

Under 10min +175

Galvao by Submission +150

Galvao by Decision +105

Taza by Submission +200

Taza by Decision +250


Mica Galvao may be up against the toughest test of his budding career in Oliver Taza. Though Taza is technically still in his first year at black belt, he’s been competing among the best of them since 2016. Fans are riding high on Galvao after his break out performance at WNO against Andrew Tackett last month, and for good reason. He’s been pinned as the future of grappling, and he’s proven deserving of that status at every turn.

Still, there’s major upside in going with the underdog, Taza, in this match; he’s +135. For betters looking for more favorable lines, it may be best to take Taza by decision, where he’s +250. He’s 2-0 on the WNO mats with two decision victories. He’ll have an advantage in the leg lock game against Gavlao, but the 17-year old is unlikely to tap even if Taza puts him in deep leg lock trouble.

Kody Steele -350 vs Phillip Rowe +285

Over 10min -250

Under 10min +195

Steele by Submission -140

Steele by Decision +125

Rowe by Submission +500

Rowe by Decision +400

Kody Steele is a WNO veteran. He’s 1-2 on the platform, and will be taking on the UFC’s Philip Rowe in Rowe’s WNO debut. Steele should be an easy bet here as a -350 favorite, but there’s more value in the prop bets. Picking Steele by decision would deliver the highest payout, but picking Steele by submission may be the safest choice.

Jessie Crane -185 vs Danielle Kelly +145

 Over 10min -450

Under 10min +325

Crane by Submission +125

Crane by Decision +100

Kelly by Submission +200

Kelly by Decision +250

This matchup has major implications for the future of the strawweight division. Jessie Crane is coming into this match as the favorite after her submission win over Lauren Sears, while Danielle Kelly is coming off of a loss to Jessa Khan. The safe bet would be to take the over 10 minutes, as Crane cooked Sears for more than ten minutes in their match, while Kelly staved off Khan’s submission attempts for the entire 15 minutes before losing via decision. At -450, the over isn’t an incredibly appealing bet, so it may be wise to take Crane straight up in this match. However, there’s some merit to taking the underdog, Kelly.