2021 FloGrappling Awards

Vote NOW For 2021 Submission Of The Year

Vote NOW For 2021 Submission Of The Year

See the six outstanding submissions nominated for 2021 Match Of The Year, and the credentials that made them shine above the rest.

Jan 10, 2022 by Corey Stockton

Voting is now open for the 2021 FloGrappling Awards. Read below to find out which six submissions have been nominated for Match Of The Year, and click here to cast your ballot.

Gordon Ryan’s triangle vs Vagner Rocha at WNO


What made this submission so special wasn’t just the technique. While the finishing sequence of this technique was thrilling in its own right, it was the way that Gordon Ryan called his shot beforehand. Ryan brought a sealed envelope to the WNO commentary table which said “open me after.”

After Ryan finished the triangle, the contents of the envelope were revealed: a card with a triangle, Gordon Ryan’s initials, and the words, “who’s next?”

Grace Gundrum’s twister vs Jessa Khan at WNO Championship


With Eddie Bravo in attendance among a crowd of 10th Planet supporters, 10th Planet’s flagship competitor hit the team’s most notable submission against longtime rival Jessa Khan.

Gundrum and Khan had split victories in their youth, but this was their first meeting in five years after a series of canceled bouts.

A WNO title shot was on the line in this matchup, as the winner would move to the WNO Championship final to face Mayssa Bastos.

Anticipation built as Gundrum proceeded through the sequence leading to the twister, until it was clear that she intended to attempt that submission. The crowd erupted as Gundrum landed the first twister in WNO history.

Baret Yoshida’s assassin choke vs Jeff Nolasco at Fight to Win 180


Baret Yoshida has long been renowned as an expert of the crucifix position. But he unveiled a new submission from the position in 2021, and went on a warpath to utilize it in every match.

Against Nolasco at Fight to Win 180, Yoshida achieved the position with two minutes remaining, and went right to work in putting his submission into effect.

An intricate system of lapel passes, the assassin choke ties up both of the defender’s hands, then the attacker uses his own lapel across the neck, leaving the defender helpless to stop the choke.

A combination of precision and deception, the assassin choke is a shining example of Yoshida’s wizardry.

Joe Dierkhising’s calf slicer vs Vinicius Ferreira at No-Gi Worlds


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Joe Dierkhising was down by two advantages in the No-Gi Worlds semifinals against 2019 champion Vinicius Ferreira. With just 20 seconds remaining, Dierkhising made a last ditch effort to score points, climbing toward Ferreira’s back. He took a pitstop to attack a calf slicer, forcing a scream of pain and a tap from Ferreira with just one second left on the clock.

Gabriel Sousa’s north-south choke vs Mikey Musumeci at WNO Championship


Mikey Musumeci was one of the favorites coming into the WNO Championship, but Gabriel Sousa was hellbent on an upset. Sousa passed Musumeci’s guard twice, a rare feat in itself. But on the second pass, he sunk into north-south and earned the choke, becoming the first black belt under 200 lbs to submit Musumeci.

Kade Ruotolo’s buggy choke vs Cole Franson at WNO


Kade Ruotolo’s buggy choke victory on WNO inspired heaps of competitors to learn, and perfect the cheeky submission for the remainder of 2021. The choke has rendered guard passers skeptical of an easy path to side control, and has given pinned competitors a flashy way to end the fight.

Ruotolo attempted a guillotine then fell to his back, giving up side control to Franson. As Franson solidified the position, Ruotolo threw his legs up and caught them, sinking his choke in and immediately locking up the submission of the night.

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