2022 ADCC World Championships

Live Updates & Results | 2022 ADCC World Championships

Live Updates & Results | 2022 ADCC World Championships

After three years, ADCC is finally here! Follow along as the brackets are whittled down to the final four on the first day of the ADCC World Championships.

Sep 17, 2022 by Liam Stein
Live Updates & Results | 2022 ADCC World Championships

After three years of waiting, the 2022 ADCC World Championships are upon us.  Live from Las Vegas, Nevada at the Thomas and Mack Center, a chance at making history beckons for the 96 athletes who have ventured from around the into the Mojave Desert.  Follow along here for updates on finals action!

ADCC 2022 Absolute Division Live Updates:

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Round of 16

Nick Rodriguez vs. Andy Varela


After several intense minutes of handfighting, Rodriguez struck first with a double leg takedown, and immediately started hunting the body lock pass, achieving side control shortly after.   Pouring on the pressure as the match goes on, Rodriguez returned to his feet to pass before reentering the guard of Varela, then passing and reaching mount.  His passing game on full display, Nicky Rod cruises to a 17-0 victory and reaches the quarterfinals of the absolute.



Yuri Simoes vs. Lachlan Giles

Immediately sitting to guard, Giles began hunting for leg entries and was met by the pressure of the former champion, Simoes.  Eventually finding an entanglement, Lachlan could not get the finish before Simoes found his escape.  Neither fighter able to find a scoring opportunity, the bout headed to overtime.  As the clock winds to zero, Giles’ decision to pull guard and receive a negative becomes the end of his road at ADCC 2022, and Simoes will advance to the next round.

Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu vs. Elder Cruz


Four minutes into the bout, Cruz was first to find a leg looking for the takedown but was denied by Cyborg.  Neither fighter moving an inch, Cruz nearly found a takedown in overtime, but Cyborg was able to roll out of the bodylock and find a leg attack of his own.  Finding himself atop Cruz’ turtle, Cyborg was able to insert his hooks and secure back control to ride out a 3-0 overtime victory over Cruz.

Victor Hugo vs. Fabricio Andrey


In a wild match between the opposite-sized opponents, Six Blades representative Victor Hugo finds an arm triangle submission following an intense battle largely contested on the ground.


Felipe Pena vs. Roberto Jimenez


Roberto comes out of the gate firing with a double leg and ended up nearly taking Felipes back in the scramble then throwing up a triangle choke.  Unsuccessful the two returned standing where Felipe was able to secure a body lock takedown.  Then passing to mount, Pena continued adding to his tally of points as the match carried on.   Pena will move on after a 13-2 victory.


Pedro Marinho vs. Tye Ruotolo


Fighting aggressive collar ties from the start, the intensity of this fight captivated the arena from the get-go with several back-and-forth wrestling exchanges leaving the mat.  With three minutes remaining, Tye shot and finished a double leg to open the score with a lead of 2-0.  Finding the back off the ensuing scramble, Tye battles on to sink in the rear naked choke and catches the first-round submission.


Giancarlo Bodoni vs. Haisam Rida


The newly crowned 88kg Champion eases his way to the second round of the absolute following a beautiful triangle armbar victory over Haisam Rida.


Nicholas Meregali vs. Vincius “Trator” Ferreira

Receiving an injury on a failed attempt to backstep Meregali’s guard, Vinicius Trator is rendered unable to compete.  Meregali will move on to the quarterfinals of the Absolute.

Absolute Quarterfinals

Roberto "Cyborg" Abreu vs. Victor Hugo

In a rubber match of 2019 IBJJF No-Gi World Champions, overtime seemed a no-brainer with a spot in the semifinals on the line.  Both parties received a negative penalty point shortly into overtime, Cyborg scoring a takedown shortly after.  Despite an additional penalty point received, Cyborg defeated Hugo by a score of 0- -1 and will move on to the semifinals.

Nick Rodriguez vs. Yuri Simoes


Handfighting heavily from the onset, Simoes and Rodriguez met previously on Who’s Number One in a bout won by Nicky Rod.  Unable to get through each other’s defense the two battled scoreless for fifteen minutes, the referee’s decision this time going to Simoes.

Tye Ruotolo vs. Felipe Pena

Coming out with a point to prove, Ruotolo dictated the pace of this fight with the former Absolute Champion for nearly the entire fight, relentlessly searching for the takedown on Pena.  Nearly mounted, Pena found his way to Ruotolo's back but failed to get hooks in.  Holding steadfast until the clock gave out, Ruotolo had the crowd jumping after a narrow 0- -1 victory in Ruotolo's favor.

Absolute Semifinals

Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu vs. Yuri Simoes


Both former ADCC Champions, Cyborg scored a landed a quick takedown early in the match but was unable to keep Simoes grounded.  Exchanging shot fakes, the pair pummeled for control of ties until the end of regulation time, still tied at zero.


Tye Ruotolo vs. Nicholas Meregali

Spending the first minutes feeling each other out, Meregali struck first landing a hip toss but unable to hold the position, the fighters returned standing.  Looking for his own throw, Tye landed a brilliant shoulder throw straight into a D’arce choke, yet Meregali was able to find his way out of the hold.  Nearly having his back taken in a flurry, Ruotolo recovered position to look for a shot of his own.  Meregali then in deep on a shot forced Ruotolo to turtle.  Looking to invert and find a leg entanglement, Ruotolo held out from bottom until the end of the period.  One minute in, the two exchanged deep shot attempts, the momentum of the match shifting with each passing second.  With neither able to find a fight-winning takedown, the fight went to referee’s decision with Nicholas Meregali increasing his medal count to two and making the Absolute Finals in his first voyage to ADCC!

Absolute Finals

Nicholas Meregali vs. Yuri Simoes

A tense clash for the Absolute title, Meregali took an early negative penalty point for pulling guard, but eventually swept Yuri to half guard where the two battled for several minutes.  Escaping to his feet at the activation of the points period, Yuri was then warned for passivity.  With just over six minutes remaining, Meregali pulled guard again, taking another negative point in the process.  Just after receiving his first negative point, the clock hit zero—your 2022 ADCC Absolute Champion is Yuri Simoes.

Medal Placement

1st: Yuri Simoes

2nd: Nicholas Meregali

3rd: Tye Ruotolo

4th: Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu


Due to injury, Cyborg has medically forfeit, and Tye Ruotolo is your 2022 ADCC Absolute bronze medalist!

ADCC 2022 Finals Live Updates:

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Gold Medal Matches:


Men’s +99kg: Gordon Ryan vs. Nick Rodriguez

Gordon elected to sit to guard and was quickly sat back by Nicky Rod.  Wasting little time, Ryan maneuvered himself into a leg entanglement, grabbing the heel hook finish in 2:15 to become the first ADCC Champion in three separate weight divisions.  Ryan will fight again in tonight's superfight vs. Andre Galvao.


Men’s -99kg: Craig Jones vs. Kaynan Duarte


After an early shot by Kaynan, Craig appeared to be looking for counter when the duo dropped into half guard as Kaynan looked to finish the takedown.  Unable to pass Jones’ guard after several minutes, Kaynan was given several passivity warnings and an eventual penalty point.  Receiving a second penalty point, Kaynan began to pass, securing mount while Jones attempted an Ezekiel choke.  Receiving four points for transitioning to knee on belly then back to mount, Duarte then received a third penalty point for passivity.  In almost mirror sequence, Craig attempted to reguard, was mounted, and Duarte received two more penalizations for passivity—now holding 7 points and 5 negative points.  As time ticked, two more negative points were tacked on, evening the score at 0-0.  Stalemated in z-guard, an eighth penalty point was given.   Kaynan then passed to north south before side control, to regain the lead 2-0.  Sealing the deal with a counter-takedown, Kaynan Duarte rides out the final seconds and is the 2022 -99kg ADCC Champion winning 4-0 over Jones in what may be the unorthodox scoring sequence in ADCC Finals history.

Men’s 88kg: Giancarlo Bodoni vs. Lucas “Hulk” Barbosa

Attempting to counter Barbosa’s double leg shot with front headlock offense, Bodoni slipped during the transition and caught himself in half guard.  Attempting to catch a heel from Hulk, Bodoni exposed his back leading to a scramble ending with Hulk in mount.  Hulk worked his way to locking up an arm triangle choke, to which Bodoni managed an escape.  Firing back and forth with shots, Bodoni hit successfully first in the points period and was able to secure the back of Hulk with a body triangle as he began working for the choke.  After an unsuccessful first attempt, Bodoni managed to slip his forearm under the chin on a second try to get the submission victory and become the 2022 88kg ADCC Champion.


Men’s 77kg: Kade Ruotolo vs. Mica Galvao

In a beautiful display of defense, Ruotolo successfully defended Mica’s opening sequence of attacks, forcing Galvao to bottom half guard.  After facing advancing pressure from Ruotolo, Mica inverted and began searching for a leg attack before being again repelled by Kade.  Continuing his barrage of attacks, Mica attempted to jump to guard standing then fell into a leg entanglement searching for a heel hook to no avail.  Both looking for heel hooks at the same time and neither able to find the submission, the two briefly returned standing before Galvao dropped down to bottom half.   As points came into effect, the two still remained entrenched in half guard.  Just as he begins looking to pass, Kade drops back to catch the heel, Mica looks to do the same but is too late and Kade gets the tap.  Kade Ruotolo is now 

the youngest ADCC Champion in history and did so with a 100% submission rate at nineteen years old!


Men’s 66kg: Diogo Reis vs. Gabriel Sousa

Finding the fifty-fifty guard, after taking down Reis, Sousa was first to begin attacking the heel and Reis returned fire with a footlock attempt following an inversion from a jumping guard pull.  As the two returned standing, heavy ties were exchanged along with several footsweep attempts by Reis and a Reis takedown attempt to a scramble initiated by Sousa.  Back in guard, Reis continued to search for a leg entry nearly finding the heel before Sousa found his escape.  Heading back to their feet as the points period began, Diogo shot in for a takedown and immediately transitioned to Sousa’s back with one hook in before finding the second hook seconds later.  Still standing, Sousa remained calm and shook Reis until he off-balanced and fell to his guard.  Persistent in his attack, Reis began again searching for heel hooks once more.  With time dwindling, the two continued forward until the clock had reached its end.   With a score of 3-0, Diogo Reis, no longer the baby shark, the megalodon is your 2022 66kg ADCC Champion!


Women’s -60kg: Brianna Ste-Marie vs. Ffion Davies

Two women both seeking to become their respective countries’ first ADCC Champions, Ffion was quick to shoot and get the takedown.  Battling from turtle, Ste-Marie found Davies’ leg and pulled it in attempting a reversal but the two went out of bounds standing and were reset in the middle.   Ste-Marie moving quickly grabbed a bodylock and returns Ffion to the mat who is quick to recover her guard.  Again, a sweep, this time from Davies who gets trapped in Ste-Marie’s closed guard.  Ste-Marie looked to work from De La Riva, but Davies slipped through and looked to secure the back before settling in half guard.  With points in effect, Davies applied pressure before passing to side control with a knee cut to secure a 3-0 lead.  Somehow Ste-Marie found the strength from bottom half guard to wrestle up before being dropped back into half guard by Davies who then moved to the back and locked in a body triangle.  With three minutes remaining, Ffion began attempting a transition from the back to mount and got caught in three-quarter by Ste-Marie.  With a comfortable 10-0 leacd, Davies maintained position as the crowd counted down from ten and stood up as the 2022 -60kg

ADCC Champion.   Not only did Ffion improve on her silver medal finish from 2019, but she also became the first Welsh ADCC Champion in history!


Women’s +60kg: Amy Campo vs. Rafaela Guedes

Our final Championship fight of the evening prior to the absolute beginning, Guedes nearly scored a takedown before going out of bounds but secured the takedown after being reset in the center.  After several close exchanges, Campo pulled guard and swept to half guard before heading a Guedes escape back to standing.  Campo then loaded up and launched Guedes back to half guard with a hip toss.  Guedes unable to land a lateral drop throw attempt, Campo attempted her own lat drop and is countered into guard by Guedes for the first score of the fight.  After several minutes fighting from bottom, Campo swept Rafaela and began looking to secure hooks to control the back.  As time passed, Campo struggled to secure a second hook until the :27 mark when she secured the back and rode out the position until the end of the fight.  With a score of 3-2, Amy Campo is your +60kg ADCC Champion!

ADCC 2022 Medal Match Live Updates:

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Bronze Medal Matches:

Men's +99kg: Roosevelt Sousa vs. Felipe Pena

Sousa wins 3rd place by forfeit over Felipe Pena.

Men's -99kg: Rafael Lovato Jr. vs. Nicholas Meregali

     In a rematch of a recent fight between two legends of the sport, Meregali slides past Lovato Jr. by a score of 0- -2 to claim a bronze medal in his first voyage to ADCC with only seven total no-gi matches to his name.  

Men’s 88kg: Eoghan O’ Flanagan vs. Vagner Rocha


     O’ Flanagan quick to sit to guard, both fighters began looking to attack the feet with Vagner finding a toehold with just over a minute remaining to claim the 88kg bronze medal.

Men’s 77kg: Dante Leon vs. PJ Barch


     As the match opened, Dante sat to guard.  Barch looked to be applying steady pressure when Leon was able to secure and finish an armbar, improving on his ADCC 2019 4th place finish with a bronze medal in 2022.

Men’s 66kg: Diego “Pato” Oliveira vs. Josh Cisneros


     Despite the final score of 0- -1, this fight provided a nonstop shootout between two of the most aggressive featherweights in the sport.   Diego “Pato’ Oliveira is your 2022 ADCC 66kg bronze medalist winning due to a negative point being attributed to Cisneros for passivity.

Women’s -60kg: Bia Basilio vsBea Mesquita


     Bea Mesquita looked strong as she found her way to Basilio’s back where she was able to lock in a rear naked choke and get the submission finish to win her ADCC 2022 bronze medal.


Women’s +60kg: Gabi Garcia vs. Kendall Reusing


     Gabi Garcia will receive the bronze medal due to a medical forfeit, her 6th ADCC medal in total.

ADCC 2022 Day 2 Live Updates:

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Men’s +99kg Semifinals


Gordon Ryan vs. Roosevelt Sousa

The King, Gordon Ryan opens the day with a win by heel hook in 11 seconds over Roosevelt Sousa.

Felipe Pena vs. Nick Rodriguez


Late in the fight, Nicky Rod was able to pass Pena’s guard to side control, securing the victory over the former absolute champion.  With his 3-0 victory, Rodriguez will meet former teammate, Gordon Ryan, in the +99kg finals.

Medal Matches:

1st: Gordon Ryan vs. Nicholas Rodriguez

3rd: Felipe Pena vs. Roosevelt Sousa

Men’s -99kg Semifinals


Kaynan Duarte vs. Rafael Lovato Jr.


In the early stages, Kaynan struck first taking down Lovato Jr.  Unable to pass, Duarte remained adamant in looking to achieve side control to no avail.   Both unable to score in regulation and overtime, Kaynan Duarte won a referee’s decision.


Craig Jones vs. Nicholas Meregali


Craig looked to hunt for an early heel hook to which Meregali remained savvy.  After back-and-forth guard exchanges, the duo returned to fight standing until just before the activation of points where Meregali elected to pull guard.  Spending overtime in wrestling exchanges, the fight went to referee’s decision where Craig Jones was named victorious to return to his second ADCC finals.


Medal Matches:

1st: Craig Jones vs. Kaynan Duarte

3rd: Nicholas Meregali vs. Rafael Lovato Jr.

Men’s 88kg Semifinals


Giancarlo Bodoni vs. Eoghan O’ Flanagan


Spending the opening portion of the fight searching for heel exposure, O’ Flanagan had nearly caught the heel of Bodoni when the New Wave representative was able to lock in a heel hook finish of his own to advance to the finals.


Lucas “Hulk” Barbosa vs. Vagner Rocha


The two former ADCC medalists evenly matched, no points were scored in regulation time with Hulk unable to pass Rocha’s persistent guard.  In overtime, Vagner was able to catch a kimura off of a Barbosa shot attempt with just a minute left, when an accidental eye poke forced a stoppage.   Upon resuming, Rocha returned with a deep double leg attempt but was unable to secure points as he could not fully take the back of Hulk.  Winning by referee’s decision, Lucas Barbosa punched his ticket to the finals, improving upon his previous bronze medal finish at ADCC 2019.



Medal Matches

1st: Giancarlo Bodoni vs. Lucas Barbosa

3rd: Eoghan O’ Flanagan vs. Vagner Rocha

Men’s 77kg Semifinals


Kade Ruotolo vs. PJ Barch


Searching for attacks, Barch and Ruotolo exchanged level changes and shot fakes while handfighting, each nearly securing takedowns along the edge of the mat.  Shot defense remained nearly impeccable, as a counter hip toss from Barch off a Ruotolo double leg attempt led to no score.  Nearly scoring a back take after a mat return, Ruotolo and Barch entered a ridiculous scramble with Kade Ruotolo finding an armbar with 1:36 remaining!


Dante Leon vs Mica Galvao


With a big throw to start the fight, Mica began slowly pressuring his way to pass Dante’s guard.   With neither fighter able to score, the duo headed back to their feet for overtime.  Engaging in a wild scramble off a Galvao double leg, Mica was able to secure two points for a takedown before a reset to the center of the mat.   Again looking to pass, the Brazilian stood up and was almost immediately taken down by Leon.  With some confusion around the score lingering, the clock ran out at 2-2, with a change to 2-0.  Mica Galvao advances to the finals.


The winner of the 77kg final will now also claim the record as being the youngest Champion in ADCC history, overtaking Rafa Mendes previous achievement.


Medal Matches

1st: Kade Ruotolo vs. Mica Galvao

3rd: PJ Barch vs. Dante Leon

Men’s 66kg Semifinals

Diogo Reis vs. Josh Cisneros


The Baby Shark has nearly evolved into the megalodon, taking out Josh Cisneros 2-0 off a double leg takedown.  Reis will join teammate Mica Galvao in the finals.

Diego “Pato” Oliveira vs. Gabriel Sousa


In a stalemate that went 0-0 through regulation and overtime, Gabriel Sousa avenges losses to Pato from the 2021 IBJJF No-Gi World Finals, EUG No-Gi semifinals, and a superfight at Fight 2 Win 161 to finish off the semifinals of the men’s division and make his way to the 66kg finals.

Medal Matches

1st: Diogo Reis vs. Gabriel Sousa

3rd:  Josh Cisneros vs. Diego Pato Oliveira

Women’s -60kg Semifinals


Bia Basiilio vs. Brianna Ste-Marie


Briefly fighting on the fight, both fighters tried their hands at jumping into guard, Ste-Marie successful in dragging Basilio to the mat.  Neither fighter able to advance until the closing seconds, first-timer Brianna Ste-Marie swept Basilio to mount and upended the defending champion 4-0


Ffion Davies vs. Bea Mesquita


After some beautiful exchanges on the ground, both fighters went standing when Davies hit a beautiful hip toss forcing Mesquita into the turtle position before securing a body triangle good for three points.  After transitioning to mount, Ffion won a spot in the -60kg finals 6-0.


Medal Matches:

1st: Brianna Ste-Marie vs. Ffion Davies

3rd: Bia Basilio vs. Bea Mesquita

Women’s +60kg Semifinals


Gabi Garcia vs. Amy Campo


Battling for upper-body ties, both fighters were warned at the 6:30 mark to increase action.  With seconds remaining, Campo was able to throw by Gabi and maneuver to an armbar off the mat until time closed out.  In an unbelievable finish, Campo takes out the 4x Champion Garcia and makes her way to the ADCC finals.


Rafaela Geudes vs. Kendall Reusing


In a tight match where neither fighter refused to give an inch, Reusing defaulted due to injury just over the 6-minute mark, advancing Rafaela Guedes to her first ADCC finals match.


Medal Matches:

1st: Amy Campo vs. Rafaela Geudes

3rd: Gabi Garcia vs. Kendall Reusing

ADCC 2022 Day 1 Live Updates:

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Men's +99KG Round of 16:

Gordon Ryan vs. Heikki Jussila

After a quick back take, Gordon settled into the match, adding pressure until securing the rear naked choke finish at 5:39.


Victor Hugo vs. Daniel Manasiou


Big Dan pulled guard quickly and went straight into attacking Hugo’s legs.  After what seemed to be a match headed in the Romanian’s favor, Hugo was able to take Manasiuo’s back in the waning seconds to win 3-0


Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu vs. Haisam Rida

Off a spinning takedown attempt from Cyborg, Rida catches a stray arm of Cyborg and gets the armbar finish 1:15 in!  A massive upset to kick off the day!


Joao Gabriel vs. Roosevelt Sousa

After spending much of the first half of the fight standing, the duo engaged in a scramble on the ground with Sousa securing a heel hook submission at 6:25.


Felipe Pena vs. Josh Saunders

After lacking success on the feet, Pena pulled guard before ultimately taking down and passing Saunders’ guard for an 8-0 victory.


Orlando Sanchez vs. Max Gimenis

Big O was warned for clubbing 15 seconds in, prior to a Gimenis takedown by collar trip.  With no points scored, Orlando got back to his feet succesfully.  A late takedown for Gimenis with just over two minutes left followed up by an arm triangle choke finish will push Gimenis on to the next round.


Nick Rodriguez vs. Damon Ramos

Rodriguez secured a takedown around the 5:00 mark before working to mount twice.  Adding in lateback standing body lock from behind, Nicky Rod scored a final takedown off a single leg to secure 8-0 victory.


Vinny Magelhaes vs. John Hansen

Hansen wins by injury 3:19 while attempting to pass Magelhaes’ guard.

Quartfinals Matchups:

Gordon Ryan vs. Victor Hugo

Haisam Rida vs. Roosevelt Sousa

Felipe Pena vs. Max Gimenis

Nick Rodriguez vs. John Hansen

Men’s -99kg Round of 16


Kaynan Duarte vs. Owen Livesey

Kaynan pulls guard, Livesy nearly takes him down in a scramble, but Kaynan stays savvy.  Kaynan secures a takedown with 3 min left then proceeds to pass relentlessly to win 8-0.


Elder Cruz vs. Patrick Gaudio

After a hard fought battle and the first overtime period of the tournament, Elder Cruz wins by referee's decision.


Craig Jones Vs. Joao Costa

Craig Jones with an 18 second choi bar victory!  Jones wastes no time on his way to the quarterfinals!

Vinicius Ferreira vs. Paul Ardila

After fending off two takedown attempts and attempting a guillotine of his own in overtime, Vinicious “Trator” edges Paul Ardila in a razor-thin referee’s decision.

Devhonte Johnson vs. Kyle Boehm

Seemingly at a stalemate though all exchanges, Boehm narrowly edged Johnson winning by referee’s decision in overtime.

Rafael Lovato Jr. vs. Perttu Tepponen


Lovato with a late sweep for the first major action of the match, however no points were scored.  Proving his timeless style yet again, Lovato Jr. got the takedown and back take before locking up a rear naked choke at 1:51 in overtime.

Nicholas Meregali vs. Henrqiue Ceconi


In his fourth ever no-gi match, Nicholas Meregali proves he is among the elite of the no-gi scene, submitting Ceconi by kimura in just under 5 minutes.

Luke Griffith vs. Yuri Simoes


Former champion Yuri Simoes survives a scoreless war and moves on to the quarterfinals.

Quarterfinals Matchups

Duarte vs. Cruz

Lovato Jr. vs. Ferreira

Boehm Vs Jones

Meregali vs. Simoes

Men's 88kg Round of 16

Matheus Diniz vs Roberto Dib Frias


A late takedown will be the difference as returning champion Matheus Diniz advances over Dib Frias.

Lucas Barbosa vs. Santeri Lilius


Displaying dominance, Lucas “the Hulk” Barbosa takes down Lilius 3-0 and moves on to the next round.

Vagner Rocha vs. Izaak Michell


In a back-and-forth scramble, ADCC medalist Vagner Rocha defeats newcomer Izaak Michell in overtime via referee’s decision.  Despite no points being put on the board, this was one of the most thrilling opening matches of the 88kg division.

Giancarlo Bodoni vs. Isaque Bahiense

After securing Bahniense’s back twice late in the fight, Bodoni wins 6-0 in a great scrap.

Mason Fowler vs.Alexandre De Jesus

After Fowler secured a takedown late in the match, De Jesus attempted his own only to get caught in a vicious guillotine.  Fowler catches the sub in just over 6 minutes to advance.

Xande Ribeiro vs. Eoghan O’ Flanagan

After spending much of the bout looking to pass guard, Ribeiro wound up in a leglock attempt from O’ Flanagan prior to overtime.  After expertly navigating his way to a back take, O’ Flanagan manages to fend off a late effort from Ribeiro for a 3-0 victory.

Jacob Rodriguez vs. Pedro Marinho

After a battle of ferocious handfighting, Jay Rod was able to secure a takedown on Marinho after fending off a deep guillotine attempt.  Attempting a second takedown, Rodriguez was countered by Marinho and nearly had his guard passed before throwing up a buggy choke to no avail.  After Marinho to side control, the action went standing and Rodriguez was able to secure a takedown and nearly got to mount before the clock ticked out.  Marinho moves on, winning 3-2.

Josh Hinger vs. Tye Ruotolo

In an absolute war between Atos teammates, Josh Hinger battles back from a 2-0 defecit to take Ruotolo’s back and cling on to victory, fending off a deep D’arce choke attempt in the final seconds of overtime.  

Quarterfinals Matchups:

Diniz vs. Bodoni

O' Flanagan vs. Fowler

Hinger vs. Barbosa

Rocha vs. Marinho

Men's 77kg Round of 16

JT Torres vs. Kenta Iwamoto


Two-time reigning champion JT Torres survives a referee’s decision against Kenta Iwamoto and moves on to the quarters.


William Tackett vs. Mateusz Szczecinski


Searching for leglocks early and often, Szczecinski, the late injury replacement from Poland was able to find a hold of Tackett’s foot and grab the submission to move on to the quarterfinals in under 4 minutes.


PJ Barch vs. Tommy Langaker


An exciting bout with several exciting scrambles, Barch took Langaker’s back late in the match and was able to ride out his time to victory


Oliver Taza vs. Mica Galvao


The young phenom, Mica Galvao was able to take Taza’s back early in the match hanging on for a while before Taza escaped.  Securing a quick takedown with a little over a minute left, Galvao again found his way to the back of Oliver Taza to win 5-0.

Dante Leon vs. Magid Hage


The Canadian, Dante Leon made quick work of Hage, winning by reverse triangle choke submission in 2:43.

Nicky Ryan vs. Renato Canuto


A battle of expert wrestling, Canuto and Ryan went the full fifteen minutes of regulation and overtime with Canuto coming out on top 5-0 with a takedown and back take.


Kade Ruotolo vs. Lachlan Giles


Never disappointing when either walk on the mat, Ruotolo and Giles put on a show with Giles pulling guard early searching for leg entanglements.  Late in the bout, Ruotolo found an arm of Giles and was able to upend the 2019 ADCC Absolute bronze medalist.

Roberto Jimenez vs Andy Varela


After a back-and-forth with Varela looking for takedown after takedown, Jimenez took Varela’s back and secured a rear naked choke in stellar fashion.

66kg Men’s Round of 16


Garry Tonon vs. Sam McNally


In an absolute barnburner, McNally pulled off one of the biggest upsets of the opening round, defeating Tonon 3-0 after securing a back take in the waning minutes of the fight.

Diogo Reis vs. Ashley Williams


The baby shark, Diogo Reis wins a narrow bout against the Welshman, Ashley Williams 2-0.


Gabriel Sousa vs Ruan Alvarenga

 Sousa wins a scrappy bout off the strength of a takedown and backtake, 5-0.

AJ Agazarm vs Jeremy Skinner


In his first voyage to ADCC, Jeremy Skinner will leave with at least one victory, as he took out past ADCC medalist AJ Agazarm via referee’s decision.


Fabricio Andrey vs. Cole Abate


A highly anticipated clash between two young superstars, Fabricio Andrey unseated Abate winning a referee’s decision in overtime.


Keith Krikorian vs. [Diego “Pato” Oliveira]


Pato looked strong as ever as he defeated Keith Krikorian with a victory by heel hook submission.


Kennedy Maciel vs. Geo Martinez


A matchup of ADCC veterans, Maciel bested 10th Planet’s Martinez as found Martinez’s back and locked up a rear naked choke with short time remaining.

Josh Cisneros vs. Ethan Crelinsten

Josh Cisneros put a stamp on his ADCC debut fight, submitting Ethan Crelinsten with a nasty shoulder lock in overtime.

-60kg Women’s Quarterfinals


Bia Basilio vs. Julia Maele


Returning champion Bia Basilio returned to ADCC in style taking out Julia Maele with a rear naked choke.


Elvira Karppinen vs. Brianna Ste-Marie


While unable to get a victory by submission, Brianna Ste-Marie locked up a nasty armbar before retaining positional control and scoring a pass to side control to win 3-0.

Ffion Davies vs Adele Fornarino


After a brief feeling out process and some guard play, Davies went to work when the points period activated, racking up 10 points before securing the submission via rear naked choke.

Bia Mesquita vs. Mayssa Bastos


Bia Mesquita of Gracie Humaita came out on top in a deadlocked match after taking the back of Unity’s Bastos following an errant shot attempt from Bastos.

Semifinals Matchups:

Basilio vs. Ste-Marie

Davies vs. Mesquita


+60kg Women’s Quarterfinals


Gabi Garcia vs Nikki Lloyd-Griffiths


Dominating the match from start to finish, Gabi Garcia looks primed for a run towards her fifth ADCC world title.  With a brilliant display of top pressure, Garcia looked for a kimura before settling for an armbar finish.

Amy Campo vs. Elizabeth Clay


In a rematch of the ADCC West Coast trials semifinals, Amy Campo again came out victorious, this time winning 3-0 after securing mount over Clay.

Eleftheria Christodolou vs. Rafaela Guedes


A battle of newcomers, Guedes was able to pass Christodolou’s guard following a scramble in overtime, negating her penalty point from a guard pull to win 2-0.


Giovanna Jara vs Kendall Reusing}

Victor Hugo


The King carries on with his second win and is into the semifinals after defeating Victor Hugo 8-0.


Haisam Rida vs. Roosevelt Sousa


Avenging the loss of his corner and Fight Sports teammate, Sousa stood victorious over Haisam Rida by a narrow 2-0 margin of victory, a takedown in the 7th minute the deciding factor.


Felipe Pena vs. Max Gimenis


Opposite the bracket of Gordon Ryan, Felipe Pena moves forward after taking Gimenis’s back capturing a rear naked choke with :11 remaining in the fight.  


John Hansen vs. Nick Rodriguez

Back takes to rear naked chokes have been a prevailing theme of choice finish for fighters today, and Nicky Rod is no exception.  The B-Team fighter did just that to advance to the semifinals.

Men’s -99kg Quarterfinals


Kaynan Duarte vs. Elder Cruz


After a few takedown attempts a piece and much scrambling, Duarte elected to pull guard, eventually taking Cruz’ back and transitioning to mount.  Cruz would sweep to reverse position and regain standing position, but Kaynan was able to maintain his lead until the clock ran out to win 5-2


Rafael Lovato Jr. vs Vinicius Ferreira


Putting his timeless system to full effect, Rafael Lovato Jr. defeated Vinicius Trator 2-0


Craig Jones vs Kyle Boehm


With Australia’s deadliest mammal beginning to up the pressure on 10th Planet’s Boehm, Boehm shot a deep double leg and wound up caught in a guillotine from down under.  Jones will advance to the semifinals following his submission finish.


Nicholas Meregali vs Yuri Simoes


After fifteen minutes of no score, Nicholas Meregali was named victorious in a referee’s decision over former ADCC Champion Yuri Simoes.  Meregali will face Craig Jones in the semifinals tomorrow.

Men’s 88kg Quarterfinals


Matheus Diniz vs. Giancarlo Bodoni


After nearly having his back taken, Bodoni was able to get himself free, takedown, pass guard, and submit Diniz in rapid succession.  Joining teammates Gordon Ryan and Nicholas Meregali in the finals, Bodoni appears to be eyeing the gold medal after taking out the reigning champion.

Lucas “Hulk” Barbosa vs. Josh Hinger


In a battle of teammates, Hulk came out on top a 7-0 victor.  The final of the three Atos competitors at 88kg will fight Vagner Rocha in the semifinals.


Mason Fowler vs. Eoghan O’ Flanagan


One of the biggest upsets of the quarterfinals thus far, O’ Flanagan caught Fowler in leg entanglement and was able to secure the heel hook finish.


Vagner Rocha vs Pedro Marinho


With extreme positional ties and handfighting underway early and often, this was perhaps the most physical fight of the semifinals with several near takedowns out of bounds in addition.   Vagner Rocha came out victorious by referee’s decision following overtime


Men’s 77kg Quarterfinals


JT Torres vs. PJ Barch


PJ Barch may have just sealed the biggest upset of the tournament, taking out reigning 2x Champion JT Torres.  Barch was able to pass to side control off of a double leg takedown before fending off late attacks from Torres.

Kade Ruotolo vs. Roberto Jimenez


Getting after it right off the gate, Kade and Roberto began fighting at a rapid pace, eventually falling into a leg entanglement with Ruotolo securing the heel hook finish.


Mica Galvao vs. Renato Canuto


Moving like a heat-seeking missile, Galvao found Canuto’s back as the match opened before falling into his guard, where he quickly found a finish by armlock.  Two fights and two submissions on the day for the 18-year-old ADCC first-timer.

Men’s 66kg Quarterfinals


Fabricio Andrey Vs. Diogo Reis


The young teammates from Manaus came to Las Vegas looking to fight the best and met in the quarterfinals.   With the takedown defense skills of both on show, Diogo came within inches of securing a back take prior to the overtime clock running out.  Reis went on to win a referee’s decision--likely with the strength of his late offensive attempts playing a factor.

Sam McNally vs. Josh Cisneros


In a back-and-forth battle going the full fifteen-minutes, Ares BJJ’s Josh Cisneros won a referee’s decision and will fight Diogo Reis in the semifinals.


Kennedy Maciel vs. Diego “Pato” Oliveira


After frequently searching for heel hooks from the false reap, Pato was able to eventually find a brutal leglock with a twist of the knee and punch his ticket to the semifinals.

Gabriel Sousa vs [p.Jeremy Skinner]


In the final match of the day, Gabriel Sousa punched his ticket to the semifinals with a victory of Jeremy Skinner via mounted triangle choke.

Women’s +60kg Semifinals

Rafaela Geudes vs. Kendall Reusing


In a tight match where neither fighter refused to give an inch, Reusing defaulted due to injury just over the 6-minute mark, advancing Rafaela Guedes to her first ADCC finals match.