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The landscape in changing rapidly in competitive jiu-jitsu, new techniques, new approaches and new faces are rising faster than ever. In 'The New Guard' we'll be highlight the next generation of the sport from the highest highs and lowest lows these stories are going to blow you away!


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THE NEW GUARD: Levi Jones-Leary

Aug 1, 2020

One of the break out Australian competitors on the sport jiu-jitsu scene, Levi Jones-Leary exploded into the consciousness of jiu-jitsu fans world wide with his memorable breakout year at black belt. 

Having found some success at the purple and brown belt ranks it wasn't until his first major tournament at black belt did we truly know just how good Levi actually is. 

Levi's first year at black belt was filled with euphoric highs and devastating lows but it made for one of the most memorable debuts in modern jiu-jitsu history. Get the full story of Levi's breakout year in our newest entry into The New Guard.