picture of Caio Terra

Caio Terra is a jiu-jitsu black belt and multiple time gi and no-gi IBJJF world champion. He is known for his innovative guard play, and for his quick ascent to black belt. Terra was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1986. He received his black belt from Paulo Strauch and Reyson Gracie in July 2006.


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MASTERCLASS: The Caio Terra Footlock

Feb 18, 2020

I first heard of the de la riva foot lock as a white belt. 

An upper belt mentioned it while we were collapsed on the mats after a hard class of sparring. He immediately regretted telling me of the technique and forbid me to try it. When I asked him why he told me: "because you're a white belt".

Ever since that day on the mats I had been more than curious about this forbidden technique sometimes called the Caio Terra foot lock and couldn't wait for the day we went over it in class. 

Fast forward six years, I am now a rookie brown belt and still don't have a clue how to properly execute this submission. So when Caio Terra came into the gym I had to ask him about his namesake technique and lucky for you we filmed it all. 

What followed was a rare opportunity to pick the brain of a jiu-jitsu master and learn a brutal new technique that I've been tinkering with since white belt. Watch the video above for a full breakdown of one of the most elusive techniques in the game.